Source A:
DAT -- Neumann KM140s > Sound Devices MP2 > SBM1 > TCD-D7
Transfer: DAT > HHb CDR830 > EAC/WaveLab > FLAC
Taper: ?
Gen: 0 from Master
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Notes: This is an exceptionally clean, clear & crisp recording of the most "varied" (in regards to setlist) Tool performance from the final leg of the 10K Days era. Oh wait, it is the only setlist modification of the total 20 dates... but who is counting? Vocals high in the mix; super crisp & clear. The bass sounds sharp; almost like a SBD recording or something but obviously it is an AUD recording due to the somewhat apparent crowd noise right? Oh of course. Tell you though if more AUD recordings sounded this tasty throughout we would have a lot more phat Tool fans. Oh, sorry about that. Very strong performance of the band. Special guest Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedy's. Only performance, obviously. Based on the set variation & the fact that this is a killer AUD recording this is mandatory Tool for both casual & hardcore fans.

Maynardism: "We have a special guest for this next track... Adam, you want to do this one? How many of you are 21? Raise your hands... 21 & under. Then you will no idea what the fuck we're talking about right now. Jell Biafra of the Dead Kennedys we're going to do a little tune.Holiday, Holiday, what is it, Holiday In Cambodia. I'm only 21 so I don't even know what it is either. Oh shit. Junior, lights on this fucking freak, please."

Time: 110:02

46 & 2
Rosetta Stoned
Right In Two
Wings For Marie
10,000 Days