Source A:
DAT --- DPA 4061 > MPS6030 > Sony PCM-M1 (Oade Mod II) @ 48 kHz
Transfer: DAT-M > Tascam DA-20 > Coaxial > Audiophile 24/96 > Goldwave (resample) > CD Wave > WAV
Location: Section 304, Row G
Taper: Galen
Gen: Master Recording
MP3 Sample; Stinkfist (w/ scream - entire song):  Right click & save

Notes: Waking up relatively early from over-doing it the night before including drinking a lot of beer, a waitress that sassed Geordy for not tipping her for a beer, collecting "stripper cards" from porn slappers on the Strip (i.e.: women on cards that you can call for a party or something), Mindlattice crank-calling the whores, ending up (at around 2am) in the Hustler strip-club where  tattooed (and damaged) strippers tried to steal our money (not into strippers - it's like drinking water out of a toilet), a crazy Russian(?) taxi driver that attempted to bring us to to an illegal brothel (we did not go in - the 'welcome' sign was on a flatbed trailer & the 'location' was in a warehouse in an industrial complex; no thanks) & an overall feeling of disillusionment, over stimulation & lack of leafy greens, basically, was the lead up to the final performance of Tool for the 10K Day era. The performance this night was spot-on. No mistakes that I am able to discern. The energy level was exceptionally high & Tool performed, in my opinion, among the best yet I've heard. Supreme. The down side is that this was the exact same set as the night prior. Maynard, this night, did not just hit those screams - he nailed them. One of the better screams in Stinkfist I've ever heard. Long. Again, great performance & hey if they are going to do the same set at least it was pulled-off professionally.
Notes: During intermission I included the crank calls made by our friend Mindlattice to strippers Geordy & I collected on cards. We found that amusing - maybe because of all the oregano we added as spices - but nevertheless this 4 minute session was recorded on my Edirol R-09 with the internal microphones. For your listening pleasure. Consider it more of a bonus then Tool gave the audience this evening other than putting on a great performance that is ;o)



<bass drone>

"Las Vegas. How many of you lost money - hands up who lost money? You'll never learn. Could have spent that on tee shirts. Are you ready? Prove it."

Rosetta Stoned
(contains crank phone calls to strippers)
Wings For Marie
10,000 Days

"So. Do your best not to get sideswiped by a roofie and wake up in a bathtub full of ice missing some kind of organ. Just a suggestion. Careful on those slot machines, they'll get you. Uhh... the Vicarious DVD is coming out in a few days. Last song of the last show of the last tour - not ever of course - fucking relax. Peace the fuck out. "