Source C:
Solid State Recorder --- Giant Squid Cardiods > 9V batt box (w/ bass rolloff) > Iriver hp120(rockbock)
Transfer: Iriver > USB > CEP > CD Wave > TLH > FLAC
Location: Section 302 Row G Seat 10
Taper: To0l
Gen: 0 from Master
MP3 Sample:  Right click & save

Notes: This particular source sounds better then I, for one, would have thought based on the source information alone. Unlike the tapers (source C on 12/13/2007), this source has much less bass & is quite a bit more distant sounding. The truth though is had the Pearl not sounded so damn good what with the high quality sound system then this recording would have suffered greatly. I used to have a pair of Giant Squid microphones and although they are capable of doing an ok job they really are meant best for small clubs. In my opinion, the distance from the stacks actually worked well for the microphones as the SPL did not saturate the volume at really any point. Overall, decent recording of an otherwise lackluster performance... those that pay attention will note that the comments for 12/13/2007 & 12/14/2007 are virtually the same; this is due to me being A) lazy? & B) unable to comment on two recordings from the same taper in virtually the same place.

Time: 1:55:09

<bass drone>

"Las Vegas. How many of you lost money - hands up who lost money? You'll never learn. Could have spent that on tee shirts. Are you ready? Prove it."

Rosetta Stoned
Wings For Marie
10,000 Days

"So. Do your best not to get sideswiped by a roofie and wake up in a bathtub full of ice missing some kind of organ. Just a suggestion. Careful on those slot machines, they'll get you. Uhh... the Vicarious DVD is coming out in a few days. Last song of the last show of the last tour - not ever of course - fucking relax. Peace the fuck out. "