Denver, CO, USA @ Mile High Festival

Source A:
Solid State Recorder --- Zoom H2>WAV(16/44
Transfer: Wavepad(tracking, left track only since it didnt peak quite as bad, made into stereo)>TRacks(mastering)>WAV>FLAC
Location: Way too close to the right stack (20 feet or so)
Taper:  thePhool (phoolish@hotmail.com)
Gen: 0 / FLAC
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes / Taper: I did take only the left channel of the raw file and then lowered the loudest screams, cut out some of the talking between songs, and shortened the intro and outro. thats about it, seems cleaner to me, a bit less abrasive an experience imo. Jambi still ruff as I was being tossed around so much. s stated first and foremost, i was way too close to the stacks causing this recording to be quite bassy and brickwalled. I tried to clean it up as best i could in mastering but, whatever. If anyone is interested in the uncut/unmastered original wav file to try your own mastering or cleaning up of this capture, email me and i'll post a link on Megaupload and send it to ya. That being said, i must admit that i sacrificed the quality to get closer to the stage to enjoy the show, sorry. I nestled into my spot early in the day around 3pm, probably about 75 feet from the stack. i thought it to be a pretty good spot but by the time incubus came on i was shoved forward to about 50 feet from the stack. well, after incubus' crowd cleared a bit the Tool crowd was well on its way to packing in. by this time i had made friends with most of the people around me, and had already been fed some doses back when incubus was starting. the crowd was very anxious in the time waiting for tool to start, and my position had been pushed closer still. i made the choice to stay where i was rather then leave my friends for a spot further back. by this time, i knew i was too close for a good capture but the dead-head chemistry kept me close to the stage (worth it at the time the light show was amazing). also security was pretty lax, so at this point im sure there will be better sources to come (i hope). I tried not to speak much but, well, with my friends all around and my body full of beers and ect, it was impossible to stay totally quiet, so you'll hear me (never singing tho) and my friends discussing the show and guessing songs throughout. At the start of the show the spot all around us became a mosh pit. you'll hear me being shoved around and making some comments about it. finally after two or three songs the crowd calmed down and i was able to stand more still and enjoy the show before me. On a personal note: I was hoping for a little more from the setlist. while excited to see Flood and Lateralus with the black keys drummer as guest, it still was the same carry-over set from the 07 tour with jambi to start and vicarious to end. But perhaps more tapers will capture the rest of the 09 tour and there will be some surprises for us. pretty standard set tho at this show. Finally, once again sorry for the quality, i hope this wont be the only source from this show, (i hardly see how it could be) but if it is, well then this is what it felt like to be 20 feet from the band and stage on their first show in nearly 2 years. I hope you can enjoy it for what it is, i know i did. peace, thePhool
Notes / Galen: Not only a less than stellar way to bring in the new tour, in regards to performance, but this recording is only for OCD collectors only. The recording quality is very, very poor. It was nice of the taper to share this. But there is really only so much one can do.

Time: 1:23:35


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