Fairfax, VA, USA @ Patriot Center

Source A:
Hi Mini Disc --- AT831s > SP-SB-11 (no roll off) >; Sony MZ-RH910 Hi-MD
Transfer:  Sony MZ-RH910 > USB > WAV > Wavelab > WAV > TLH > FLAC Level 8
Location: Section 209, Row 5. Seat 14
Taper:  tooligan (grendelator AT yahoo DoT com)
Gen: 0 / FLAC / Torrent
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes / Taper: My seat was in the balcony on the left side of the stage lined up with the left stack of speakers above the stage. I think I pulled a great recording considering the location. Maynard's vocals were
a little low in the mix, however the soundboard guy did correct this a little into Schism. Maynard was more talkative, telling jokes, and doing some alternate lyrics in some songs. At one point during Rosetta Stoned, Danny started laughing his ass off at Maynard (without making a mistake of course). Even Adam, Danny, and Justin were experimenting and improvising on songs. The band seems to be having fun on stage for a change. Yes they did play the same setlist (minus a few songs, and plus Ænema), however they came out and put on one hell of a live show as they always do. All the visuals (including all the new ones and the lasers) were so amazing.For those of you burning to CD, I suggest splitting with the first CD ending with Rosetta Stoned and the second CD beginning with Flood. This splits the time evenly between the two discs. All I did was split tracks, as I didn't find audio tweaking to be necessary. I did run the levels a bit hot, however there is no clipping as far as I can tell. High point of the night was Flood. Enjoy!

Notes / Galen:
Good recording that has a fair amount of ambience & just enough blend of crispness that is the mark of, I think, a really nice recording of Tool. Bass is not wobbly or saturated in low end mud & the higher frequencies translate very nicely. The taper is definitely correct, MJK mix is rather low all things considered - the mix is similar to many 2006, 2007 recordings.

Time: 1:48:15


1. Intro Drone
2. Jambi
3. (-) ions/Maynard speaks 1
4. Stinkfist (extended)
5. Soundscape 1
6. Fourty-six & 2
7. Soundscape 2
8. Schism (extended)
9. Lost Keys (Blame Hoffman)
10. Rosetta Stoned
11. Flood
12. Maynard speaks 2
13. Ænema
14. <crowd noise>
15. Soundscape 3
16. Lateralus (extended w/ Ashton Bird of Tweak Bird)
17. Maynard speaks 3
18. Soundscape 4
19. Vicarious