Jersey City, NJ, USA @ All Points West Festival

Source A:
Video--- undisclosed camera/transfer
Transfer: > authored to DVD by filmer-seller > DVD Disc-Clone option (Cyberlink) by buyer > offending menu/info replaced, zero re-encoding enforced (VideoReDo) by Meddle Earth > you
Location: Center, Back
Taper:  DMM (Bootleg seller)
Uploader/ReMastered by: MeddleEarth 
Gen: 1 / Torrent
Image from DVD: Click Here (note: I was unable to pull a screen shot; blame Windows Vista)

Notes by Galen: The video of this is actually quite breathtaking, however, the sound is thin & definitely not the best. Visually, this recording is impressive what with clear close-ups, good pans of the band & well balanced with shots of the stage. Unfortunately, at least for me, this recording will forever be be smeared by the greed and narcissism of the filmer. This guy gives the other 99.9% of tapers a bad name. It's people like this, assholes who sell live recordings for profit, that give credence to anti-taping philosophies such as bands like Tool. This filmer does not care; he just tried to make a little bit of money - what, the trust fund run out? Clearly, this filmer knows what he is doing & has very expensive equipment. But his actions make this video forever TAINTed by his disgusting hands. Good job to the 'liberator' of this, in fact, this is one of the few examples of actually "liberating" a live bootleg recording - nice work. And to the filmer; good work on filming, definitely work on your audio but more importantly work on yourself you greasy inbred. You give legitimate tapers/filmers a bad name... please do us all a favor & stop selling your
Notes by 'uploarder': Original asking price of filmer-seller in month following show for his authored DVD was $100, later reduced to $65, and eventually sold to a fellow-trader for $40. Initially I refused to trade for this DVD since the filmer-seller's YouTube clips showed a Hi-Def version. When asked what camera, mics and transfer mechanism were used, the filmer-seller's direct quote was, "I dont like to give away my secrets". So, there you have it, we're dealing with a real winner here. My attempts to acquire the original HD files did not pan out; however, it was gathered that "a regular transfer from a memory stick adapter" took place from a 12 GB file. I settled for making a trade for the DVD-clone from the friend who bought the authored DVD; however, it came along with a stipulation, and a surprise. Turns out Mr. Personality, the filmer-seller, planted a nasty little "Personal Copy of" text-overlay in the menu and intro footage. This prominently displayed the buyer's real-name, their physical address and full phone number to discourage the buyer from sharing their "personal copy" publicly. The stipulation by the buyer for me was to remove this offending information before sharing it publicly. To make the new menu and edits, I used a program called VideoReDo that specializes in frame-level edits of .vob files without re-encoding the native files. Mission accomplished. Share freely; keep all media, data, info files intact. Replace/upgrade to Hi-Def version if it becomes available.

Time: ~90 mins


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