Kingston, ON, Canada

Source A:
Solid State Recorder --- DPA 4061> MPS6030 > Edirol R-09 @@ 16/48
Transfer: Master (file) > USB port > Goldwave (resample, EQ) > CD Wave > WAV > Nero 6.0
Location: Dead Center
Taper: Galen
Gen: Master Recording
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes: Let's see; I am sure that there are some fantastic recordings out there - this one is not one of them. A little background; I had a pleasant little 8+ hour drive from where I live to Kingston, Ontario & arrived in Kingston maybe about 4PM. Long day so far. My buddy RJB drove from Rochester, NY to meet up for this & the Toronto show. Before the show, we did a few shots, a couple beers, had some food & were kind of 'toasted' when we made it to the venue. Get my stuff in & we go to the floor, show starts. This dude next to us blazes one up - by one I mean a marijuana cigarette. My buddy takes a couple tokes too, gives it back to the guy, guy gives it back to my friend, he hits it & *boom* security grabs him, the dude & his girlfriend. Whisk them away. So, I'm standing there; confused. Dazed. I wait about 30 seconds (note: Jambi has gone into verse 1 at this point) & I run after RJB. He's standing there surrounded by 3 cops & 4 security. They rip his ticket off & the cops threaten to take his ass to jail. This was the first time he's smoked weed in about a year, mind you --- if not longer. I say something to security & take a pic of him getting kicked out of the show (click here, you voyeur). Then, out of nowhere, my  phone gets bumped by security & fucking breaks. So I go back to the show & at this point Jambi ends. I can use my phone for maybe ~20 minutes before the screen is just too cracked to see.  I text RJB several times (I come to find out he had his phone off to avoid INTL charges). So I just stand there the rest of the show. Saw maybe 15 people get kicked out for smoking pot - this, to me, is just bizarre. Ugh. Manage to nab a set from Knobby. I walk back to the hotel & RJB is asleep; I wake his ass up. He then informs me that the 2 posters he bought, well, when he was getting busted they fell out of his pocket. That was $50 gone. So, I'm like, 'fuck' & book it back to the venue, run in the door & get to the merch where they have 1 more poster left; autographed for $100. So I bought it - glad I did, looks cool. Oh and if you look at the Kingston show poster, there is a misprint on it where TOOL is, middle. Apparently, there was some form of misprint so the non-signed posters, many of them, were pulled. Okokokok back to this source; due to me being mildly lets say intoxicated (note: we walked to the venue) & the 'what the fuck?' situation with my buddy I neglected to check my levels. There I go, after all my talk about how easy hard disk taping is (it is!) I manage to create a rather annoying brickwalled recording. Ah well. You win some, you lose some... difficult to really care with a total of 4 masters pulled this evening.

Time: 98 minutes


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