Kingston, ON, Canada

Source B:
Hi-Mini Disc --- AT 853 > SPS6 > Sony MZ-900
Transfer: wav > (gain +1 in wavelab v5) > flac
Location: Dead Center
Taper: Bobcat
Gen: 0 / FLAC / Torrent
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes / Taper: i knew it was gonna be an ass kickin'when i sat in my seat. tools side stack is almost as big as the main stacks facing the floor :S as my cousin said 'that was intense'. haha what an under statement. Good thing we both had ear plugs cause that is not meant to be at that range for ears!!! i was tempted to hold onto this but i guess its my hope more people with high quality recordings will come forth. On another side of things your all my witness that galen and i made a deal to make sure we meet up next time and no broken phones or bad timing!!! ;P thats another story though! *hezlo made me that fine poster being i totally forgot about the limited edition poster in kingston. security was a bit heavy at this place and i basically went to my seat and forgot about the poster until i left the venue and i figured i couldnt get back in so i just didnt bother. if u got an extra let me know :)
Notes / Galen: This is a wonderful recording to listen to! The clarity, alone, is worth the effort to download or acquire this source as although MJK holds back a bit throughout the performance, it is still a Tool show. If you have the belief that even a standard Tool show is better than 99% of the rest of the bands you could go & see then this recording (or arguably most any 2009 recording) is for you. Taper did a good job & pulled a very nice recording.

Time: 98 minutes


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Lost Keys
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