Kingston, ON, Canada

Source C:
Solid State Recorder --- ATu853s > AT8532s > R09 @ 24/48
Transfer: USB > WAV > CEP II (gain, no EQ) > CD Wave > FLAC8
Location: Front of Stack - Right
Taper: Dassarri (dassarri at hotmail dot com)
Gen: 0 / FLAC / Torrent
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes / Taper: Soundscapes and other Maynardism are found at the end of tracks, rather than split separately. Drove up to Canada for this one. Overall, a good show. Taped from FOS-right on the floor. Great sounds in GA, but unfortunately close to other "Tool fans", who were largely drunk and obnoxious. I also taped a second source this night, OKM-IIr > bbox > LS-10 @ 24/48
Notes / Galen: Huh this is a very solid audience recording. The levels are clean, balanced, bass is not too deep, highs are crisp enough & MJK manages to not become entirely buried in the mix. Yes, there are the 'hoot + hollers' of the Tool 'elite' screaming at the worst of times but this is to be counted on - remember, you are listening to a Tool show. This source, perhaps, is the best AUD pull from this night as it is just a pleasure to kick back to a fatty & imagine yourself getting thrown out for engaging in medicine. Not me, I mean - a friend. Kudos to the taper, nice one. Also, this is one of two sources he pulled - not bad.

Time: 98 minutes


(-) ions
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stone