Toronto, ON, Canada

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Solid State Recorder --- DPA 4061> MPS6030 > Edirol R-09 @@ 16/48
Transfer: Master (file) > USB port > Goldwave (resample, EQ) > CD Wave > WAV > Nero 6.0
Location: Left Seating, Section 201, Lower Bowl
Taper: Galen
Gen: Master Recording
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Notes:  The performance from Tool this evening was, to me, the best from the trio of shows I attended. MJK seemed to put more into it than he did in Kingston & later in Cincinnati, OH as he screamed a bit. Of notable interest was the addition to Stinkfist (vocals). Remember this performance took place rather recently after Michael Jackson went to the preschool playhouse in sky. I've not heard MJK do the following on any other recording/performance; during the breakdown or 'extended' part of Stinkfist he put in "A-B-C easy as 1-2-3, A-B-C or simple as do re mi, A-B-C, 1-2-3, Baby You & Me Girl". Now, you may not find that to be very interesting but to me, to me, that is just like a little treasure hidden. Like an Easter Egg? During 46&2, Adam left the stage & someone else played his guitar part - I am unsure who; sounded spot-on. So, cool performance & the band was really on this night. Now, the crowd, on the other hand, was simply terrible... I will not be discussing Tool's performance from here on out but discussing the rationale for mass sterilization of Tool fans at this performance. For the greater portion of the Cheney/Bush Presidency I entertained the notion of renouncing my American citizenship & move to Canada as I do enjoy Tim Horton's, visit a few cities regularly & believe in Universal Health Care as a right. Well, the folks by my buddy RJB & I were awful. Either the entire stat of Kentucky took a trip to the Molson Amphitheatre or else *gasp* Tool fans in Canada are no better behaved than the knuckle draggers in the States. First, these kids, literally, yelling behind us. At one point they shouted something to the effect of people not moving (dancing, gyrating, screaming) throughout Tool songs (i.e.: RJB & I). This is funny as here we are literally hundreds of miles away from home after spending loads of cash for gas, hotel, tickets, beer, whatever & these kids attempt to give us shit? We've seen more Tool shows both individually than these kids have been cognizant. Second, a drunk/stoned/fucked-up kid fell on me! I could not believe it. My seat was on the aisle & obviously I stood throughout the show. This kid, during Flood, walks down & I think to myself 'he looks wasted' and about a minute later *boom* he passes right on me. I could not believe it. So, this limp kid falls & I catch him. I put him in my seat & a woman across the aisle gives him water; this kid is just out. I tell one of the kids to go get security & for some reason this kid does. Security comes & hopefully got the kid some medical attention. I did not notice this until after the show but when that happened it pulled my microphone out of the Edirol thus the recording is incomplete. Thanks, kid. Third, I found this venue to be rather inhospitable. Getting to this little island from le centre ville of Toronto is kind of a pain in the ass & it is a hike from the tram to the venue (particularly with ~10lbs of taping gear on you). It would take a very, very cool concert from a band I really like for me to ever go back to this venue but, yeah, I would go if/when Tool plays again. And last but not least, the most annoying element of this show, a dope I label the 'enforcer'. The 'enforcer' fancied himself a security guard; sort of. He screamed throughout the show (T-o-o-o-o-o-l), smoked weed & proceeded to get shit-faced drunk. Now, when someone would try to get past him (he had an aisle seat), he would physically push then & attempt to start a fight or at least intimidate people. If memory served, he almost fought 5-7 people throughout the show but no one else was going to lower their IQ to engage him. This guy acted just like a bully; a slightly overweight loser attempting to find comfort in intimidating others. So, since I was behind him throughout the show I was basically invisible. During Vicarious, however, he turned around and gave me a playful little shove to 'get me dancing' I presume. Unfortunately I do not like to play let alone enjoy a little shove. When he lightly shoved my right shoulder, my left hand shoved his. This fella did not like that & wound up like he was going to physically punch me. That may work on folks but when you go into a concert with thousands of dollars of equipment after travelling extensively you are not going to allow someone to take away something from you, even if it is just for show. Mind you, he did this throughout the evening to other people never following through and he probably would have not followed through with me, yes I should have known better, but let's just say I did not get hit, my training with tae kwon do as well as being in fit shape facilitated a basic R-L-R combo and I did get blood (or was it urine too?) on my new shoes as I'm fairly sure that someone's nose was broken. But we did not stay around to see; once he went down we left our position & stood by the board until the show was over. And when we got back to the hotel it took us forever to find a bar to discuss the night. All that said, would definitely do it all again.  

Time: ~98 minutes


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