Cincinnati, OH, USA

Source A:
Solid State Recorder --- DPA 4061> MPS6030 > Edirol R-09 @@ 16/48
Transfer: Master (file) > USB port > Goldwave (resample, EQ) > CD Wave > WAV > Nero 6.0
Location: Left Seating, Section 201
Taper: Galen
Gen: Master Recording
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes: If you would like to see the picture I snapped on my iPhone of Adam + Justin riding a go-cart with the opening band 'Tweak Bird' on the back about ~1 minute before they were to go on stage (7:58pm), click  here. Also, take note, of a thumbs-up to the tapers?
Notes: Was there a bad seat in the house? I don't think so. From what I read this venue was the smallest of this brief summer tour. Was nice to see a Tool show & have just a pleasant time. Met up with my buddy Nameloc down at the show just in time to sort of hear the sound check by straining our ears, leaning up against the fence, over the buzz of the trucks to sort of hear Tool perform. I tried recording it but the results, I could tell, would have been just a waste of space or tape. Was cool though. The PLC Pavilion is an outdoor amphitheatre that consists of only covered seating; max capacity something like maybe 3,900 or so. The parking lot, well the damn thing, is connected to a quasi cool water + amusement park just outside of Ohio's own Cin-City. What a mix of people; stoned Tool-heads & families enjoying a day at the water park; who doesn't appreciate a little bit of chaos every once in a while? I know I sure do. Before the show, technically right before the opener (Tweak Bird) were going on stage, I took this pic of Adam, Justin & Tweak Bird on a golf cart going into the 'crew only' area by the busses. I saw them come out, had my iPhone ready. Click here. What's that - is Adam giving a thumbs up to the tapers? Or is he just being friendly, you decide... As for my recording, I think it turned out really quite good. Pretty easy, I mean, you set it & forget it using hard disk nothing to drown in your own jizz over, eh? The performance, although pretty good, you could tell that MJK was saving 'something' for the next night's performance at Lollapalooza. The only real 'scream' was on Flood.

Time: ~98 minutes


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