Cincinnati, OH, USA

Source B:
Hi-Mini Disc --- ATu853 (cardioid) > Nady CBM 40s/Dennecke PS-2 > Sony MZ-M100 (line in)
Transfer: Master Mini Disc > Behringer 802 > Sony RCDW500 CD Recorder
Location: Left Seating, Section 201
Taper: Nameloc01 / Jason C.
Gen: 1st from Master (CD)
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes:  Really, and I say this not feeling like I am going out on any limb, but, this is most likely going to be the definitive AUD recording of this show. It's that good, really is. Nameloc01 & I stood directly next to each other whilst recording the performance of Tool that fine Summer evening after spending an afternoon enjoying the scenery of the PNC parking lot & it is amazing how subtle differences help contribute to the whole. Although I do think that both my source + Tim's SP>R09 source came out well it is clear to me, at least, that this source captures the sound the best. I swear, listening to this the first time I swore I heard at least a dozen things that I missed when I listened to my source. All in all, this is just a fantastic recording of a, well, good if not routine performance. MJK's vocals were buried a bit throughout the performance but you would not think so when listening to this particular source. Top job; a definitive recording from this era of live performances. From what I understand the taper does not perceive that it is his mission/place/'drive' to release music for people who did not tape the show or could have taped the show based on whatever lame-excuses some folks may have. I, sincerely, agree. That said, look for this released as a torrent w/o source information in MP3 form very soon! Or look for it to be bundled up w/thousands upon thousands of hours that few would listen to on a My Book . Oh wait, I don't think that's going to happen with this one...
Notes:  Quick technical note here; this was given to me on CDR w/the tracks not split-up in raw form. Really, kind of takes me back to how trading used to be. And, as far as I'm concerned, should be.

Time: ~99 minutes


(-) ions
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stone