Chicago, IL, USA @ Grant Park / Lollapalooza

Source A:
Solid State Recorder --- DPA 4061s > CSbox > Edirol R-09 @@ 24-bit / 44.1kHz
Transfer: SD Card > USB > CEPv2.1 (EQ/dither) > CDWave > FLAC Frontend
Location: Front of Board
Taper:  tapeworm(48)
Gen: 0 / FLAC / Torrent
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes / Galen: Although there are plenty of high quality AUD recordings of this tour floating around; this is definitely one of the better ones. This performance features the only "cover" that Tool alluded to prior to this tour, however (don't get your hopes up), it is simply a 20 second burst of Passage To Bankok performed by Adam Jones - not a new 'thing'. Ah well, at least they mixed up the set list a little bit, right? All in all though this is a good performance by MJK; excellent performance by the other 75% of the band. As for a recording source; this is simple superb. Kudos to the taper.
Notes / Taper: Tool was in the 8:30 to 10 slot at Lollapalooza on one of the main stages. They played the complete set of songs that they have been playing on this short summer tour, minus 'Lost Keys'. No special guests unlike the rest of the summer tour. It was windy this evening, so you hear some rustling as a result. But I was close to the source, so the sound was not affected greatly IMHO. I did some minor EQ'ing (see notes below) in CEP prior to amplifying and dithering. No fades or EQ besides that noted below.
EQ Notes:
Gentle high cut preset DONE
- 30 band EQ
- Accuracy: 1000 points
- Range: 36 dB
- Master Gain: 0 dB
Gentle low boost preset DONE
- 30 band EQ
- Accuracy: 1000 points
- Range: 36 dB
- Master Gain: -1 dB
Amplify 5 dB
Archive: Master WAV was archived @ 24-bit/44.1kHz and FLAC'd with cue sheet.
Taped and transferred by tapeworm(48)
Txt file compiled on August 9, 2009

Time: ~90 mins


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<Passage To Bangkock, Rush cover, (tease)>
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