Solid State --- Sony ECM-909a > M-Audio Microtrack II
Transfer: WAV @ 44.1kHz > USB > PC (remastering in Adobe Audition 2.0) > WAV @ 44.1kHz > FLAC
Location: recorded from floor section 1, row W
Mr. Fang
Gen: Torrent

Notes - Taper:  This recording ends during Lateralus and is missing the final song, Aenema. There are a few mic bumps in the intro to Third Eye, but other than that, no problems. This recording shows that the old Sony ECM-909a stereo mic can be as good as much more expensive mics. I spent some time taming the loudest audience noise between songs and fattening up the whole recording without letting anything clip, and I think the results are pretty listenable. If you have a complete recording of this show, please contact me (MrFang) via PM at Dimeadozen. I am also searching for recordings of Tool in Austin at the Frank Erwin Center on 11/14/2007.
Notes:  The taper has an excellent point, really, about the microphones used. Rather impressed, actually. Although at times the crowd can creep up in the mix the sheer power from the speakers captured by the microphones completely overshadows real issues with unnecessary noise. It sounds like this taper had a rather sweet location really as it's just enough ambience + stack to give it a classic feel. Rock solid recording, shame it is incomplete. Good work though - quite listenable with replay-ability.

Time: 95:35


Third Eye
Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient
46 & 2
Ænema (missing)