Solid State --- Church Audio CA-14 cardiods > Church Audio CA-9100 preamp > Sony PCM-M10 (@24/96)
Transfer: Sony PCM-M10 24/96 > USB > WAV > Wavelab (mastering, downsampling to 16/44.1) > CD Wave (splitting) > FLAC
Modification: Magic
section 101, row UU, (a very nice distance from the stacks)
Karl Frinkle (specialK) / http://karlfrinkle.net
Gen: Torrent

Notes - Taper: 
The Review: Nice to see Tool again, with a slightly altered setlist. It was altered enough (Third Eye, Intolerance) to make it well worth the trip. The
entire band seemed to be into the show, the crowd was reasonably respectable, and all in all, a great night. Really not much else to say, its Tool!
The Recording: This is my best Tool recording yet. Last time I taped at the Ford Center I was very happy, but with the Church Audio mics + preamp and the Sony PCM-M10, the quality this time around was even better. Enjoy!

Notes:  Yeah, I really like this source! The taper did a really nice job; exactly his style, away from the stacks as he prefers capturing the vibe, energy and dare I say synergy of the performance. That subtle interaction between rabid fans and artists making music? Very enjoyable recording, I must say. This has a very live feel but somewhat surprisingly there is an attention to detail in the upper spectrum of the frequency range which makes this recording uncommon for it's clarity and overall precision. Being one of the earlier performances of the tour, this night, the band seemed to really keep it together. Good job to the taper, pulled off a goldie.   

Time: ~106:10


Third Eye
Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient
46 & 2