St. Charles, MO, USA @ Family Arena

Source A:
Hi-Mini Disc --- ATU853(c) > CBM40s/PS2 > Sony M100(PCM)
Transfer: Master > CD (one track)
Location: ~15' front of board, north of mosh pit, south of heaven
Taper: Nameloc
Gen: 1st from Master
MP3 Sample of Intolerance (large file size): : Right click & save

Notes: Nameloc and I met outside of Indianapolis and finished up the ~9hr (one-way) drive to catch what was to surely be a fantastic performance of Tool. The, then, new additions were highly anticipated by rabid fans or fools, actually, fools who would spend way to much time on a band that seems to appreciate it's fan base as Bush likes to be referred to as the worst President in history (which is actually true). This particular source is a delight, it really is. It's amazing what the difference between microphones is and can be. We stood directly next to each other, sometimes warding off moshers behind us and sometimes appreciative of a marine who simply laid-out an antagonist or moshing enthusiast. Hit him right upside the temple, dude fell right down after that the mosh pit moved a little. This recording very accurately captures the ambience, fluidity of performance and textured layers of sound blasting from the speakers. Speaking of speakers, this is the stack (click here) which blew sound directly at us from above so, in some way, this is sort of a 'front of stack recording' by location default, probably why it sounds so deep. The entire track of Intolerance is up for a sample so you can see for yourself if you dig this sweet source or not. 

Time: ~100 minutes


(Timothy Leary intro)
 Third Eye

" For the next two hours..whatevers going on 'out there'..has nothing to do with whats going on in here."

Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient

"How many of you are twenty years old or younger? You weren't born when we wrote this next song...those of you between the ages of twenty-one and twenty-five, you can wipe that smug look off of your faces, you were somewhere between one and five... so.. eyes up."


"Gordy, from Wovenhand, thank you very much for occupying that space.. It's all gonna work out. Hey, ya' heard the one about the pope, the rabbi... and the... EHH,..EHH,..EHH"