Red Rocks

Source A:
Solid State --- MM-HLSC-1(mounted on hat, row 18 on right side) > MM-MBM (roll off @ 96hz) > R09 @ 24/48
Transfer: R09 > USB > Wavelab (editing & dither to 16bit) > CDWav (tracking) > Traders Little Helper (flac) > foobar2000 (liveshowtagger)
Location: Row 18, right
Taper: sin213
Gen: Torrent

Notes - Taper:  Tool always puts on a great show. This was night 1 of 2 at the beautiful Red Rocks Amphitheatre. It is a great place to see a show, if you have not been there.
Notes:  Very pleasant recording that captures both the ambience of the crowd and the acoustics of the venue. Rich sound however the bass seems to my jaded ears just a little bit too crisp. But not sure that's a criticism at all. Definitely has the Cardioid recording sound that is so common; either at points of high frequency the sound is almost a swirl when the cymbals really crash or the sound is virtually crystal clear. There is what I would consider somewhat obnoxious crowd noise at times which detracts from the recording, however, nothing the taper could do about that. Good audience recording. 

Time: ~107:42


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