Red Rocks

Source B:
DAT --- DPA 4060 > MMA600 > Sony TCD-D8 @ 48khz
Transfer: DAT-M > DAT-1 > Tascam DA-20 > WAV (transfer by GSP)
Location: Row 37
Taper: WhoreDERR
Trade: whoreDERR69@yahoo.com
Gen: 1 from Master

Notes - Taper:  First night of 2 back 2 back solid performance of one of the best bands in the world Tool. i was really only hoping for third eye as that song just takes me back. hearing it live after all these years was sort of a spiritual transcendent sort of thing for me. wasnt on any drugs or anything like that, just really connected to it. so glad i tape. the security was pretty easy i did see someone busted at the door and someone else two rows ahead of me the second night. you can never be to careful i think
Notes:  Good sounding recording. I always thought the DPA 4060 recordings tended to be a bit soft due to the calibration of the SPL at the factory. But I suppose I was wrong. The taper works, maybe, at DPA in Longmont, CO and told me he was using a pair of mics he adjusted somehow. Did not go into details. That said, they passed whatever test he was doing; wish I could clear audio like this from a distance with my DPA 4061 pair. As it is, steady and strong performance by Tool showcasing a loose but polished band seemingly having a good time on stage.

Time: ~107:42


Third Eye
Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient
46 & 2