Red Rocks

Source A:
DAT --- DPA 4060 > MMA600 > Sony TCD-D8 @ 48khz
Transfer: DAT-M > DAT-1 > Tascam DA-20 > WAV (transfer by GSP)
Location: Row 15
Taper: WhoreDERR
Trade: whoreDERR69@yahoo.com
Gen: 1 from Master

Notes - Taper:  Tool really rocked this night but i thought the crowd lost it during INTENSION which was the first time its been played right? people sort of were bored, like they didn't know what they were doing. honestly i did not know what they were doing for a few minutes. was nice that they had different set lists unlike the last few times i saw them
Notes:  Good sound and seems like the taper had a nice location. There is a bit of crowd noise/chatter every now and then from what I can tell some folks always wish they were somewhere else, even at a Tool show. Not really any level adjustments but a girl a few ways down is, apparently, a screamer if you know what I mean. After Intolerance it sounds like she is having an orgasm. For historical reasons, this would have been an amazing performance to have witnessed, first appearance of Intension - live. Yeah! Pretty cool, that was one I did not think they would ever actually play. Seemed to slow. But now someone could, actually, create a live 10K Days "album" from various performances which would kind of be neat.

Time: ~108


Third eye
Right in Two
Lateralus w dalek