Solid State --- AT853's > Deneke ps-2 (1/8" plug mod) > Microtrack24/96
Transfer: Master File > (@24/48 via line in using two 1/4" mono phono jacks converted from 1/8" ps-2 stereo plug) > USB > WAV > Dithered to 16/44.1 using Wavelab > Flac > You
Location: lower bowl in the back corner
Gen: Torrent

Notes - Taper: Considering my location (back corner of lower bowl), this recording sounds way better than I thought it would Worst seats I've had for tool but was with 5 friends, and it's tool, so enjoy it :) Cheers to a great tour!
Notes:  I tried to picture in my mind where this taper sat for the show as I read that the seats were poor. This was puzzling when I listened to the recording because it sounds so damn good. Gotta say, there are so many high quality recordings culled from the 2010 short mini tour, it's really quite impressive. Big shout out to all the tapers as well as this one. I detected no mud or sloshing of cymbals or issues with clarity in regards to this almost technically perfect audience recording. MJK's vocals are in the mix where they should be, the symbals snap (not swish), the guitar crunches and sometimes it's almost as if you can hear Justin's fingers slapping then pulling on the bass. Tight performance however thought the band got a little bit loose during the extended Lateralus. Nice recording.  

Time: ~1:45:51


Third Eye
Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient
46 & 2