Solid State --- Church Audio cardiods -> STC-9000 -> iRiver iHP120 >
Transfer: Master File > Audacity > You
Taper: ?
Gen: Torrent

Notes - Taper:  This one goes out to LOOP. You guys are the best. Due to an unfortunate technical difficulty (which happens sometimes with my rig).  Aenema is missing. Sorry. Overall it was great crowd and a great show. First time seeing Tool in almost 3 years and they did not dissapoint. Enjoy!
Notes:  Ah a pretty good recording. Vocals rather clear, guitar balanced nice and bass is not too deep that it numbs your ears (if you are wearing ear buds as you enjoy this source). The really higher, upper frequencies tend to smear a little bit in the mix but it certainly is not unbearable at all. Crowd is never too in your face but there are a few occasions where it seems as though you are being shouted at by a drunk woman. There seems to be a bit of phasing/movement which can hint towards vertigo. The Church Cardioids the taper used seem to be good sounding, high quality microphones. Heard a few shows with them and they all are at least average or above average for the time period. The missing track, taking a guess, is from SD card or internal memory limitations but could certainly be wrong about that. 

Time: ~100


Third Eye
Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient
46 & 2