Source A:
Hi Mini Disc --- Sony ECM-719>Sony MZ-RH910   (no other recording details given)
Taper: Anonymous
Gen: CD

Notes by Anonymous:  Well, I was contacted by this taper a little while back about this recording, and I have been  really looking forward to listening to it ever since. So, I now sit down with a nice, cold pint of grape Kool-Aid on the rocks..and prepare myself. Whenever I see source details with some of these lesser used Sony mics.. I know the recording is going to go one of two ways..there never really seems to be any "middle ground".. thankfully, this particular source takes the high(er) road. From the opening notes of "Third Eye"..its clear that this recording is quite "full" sounding..and "wide"..as opposed to "shallow" or "thin"..probably due mostly to the insane low and mids he/she was able to capture. Dannys drums sound pretty "on"..they are nicely mixed towards the front, and pull Adam and Justins guitars together very well. A strategically "buried" Maynard could have easily brought this recording "down" some... good thing he decided to show up this night. All in all this is just a very solid recording, of a very solid show..and unless I'm wrong, this is the only known source of said show. I really enjoyed this shows version of "Right In Two"..and of course.."Flood". I will say, that if all live TOOL recordings sounded, at the minimum, like this, the world would be a better place. One interesting note, is the taper told me that this was his first successful TOOL pull...I raise my grape Kool-Aid to the gods and salute you sir.


Third Eye
(-) Ions
Right In Two
Forty-Six and Two
(w/ Gino Barboni of Rajas)