Solid State --- Sony ECM-717 > Sony PCM-M10 @ 48k/24bit
Resample + Dithered to 44k/16bit
Taper: gazzabr
Torrent: Yes

Notes by Taper: TWas a bit of wind around due to outdoor festival, some phasing from people moving in and out of seats. Started to rain during Third Eye and was pouring down by the end, not really noticeable in the recording. The Pot was on the setlist after Stinkfist, but not played
Notes by Nameloc: Almost immediately after hitting the "play" button on my cd player, I thought I was all cued up for a recording with some issues. I could barely hear the opening guitar riff on "Aenima", even though I knew it had started, and there was some "phasing" going on. By the middle of the opening song though, it seems like things got straightened out to where they would mostly stay for the remainder of the recording...which isnt necessarily a good thing. Seems this recording documents some added dimension to Adams playing, more specifically some extra feedback in parts of songs, and some really raunchy "pick-scrapes'..which I'm a fan of. Unfortunately, it also documents some really "swishy" cymbals on D.C. and some fairly consistant  "phasing" and or recording level fluctuations..which I wouldnt say ruin the recording, but it is quite noticeable. It would seem that the taper wasnt too far back from the sound source as the music itself isnt drown out by the crowd noise, but he wasnt quite close enough to totally not pick it up either. For me, the one issue that tainted this recording was the "phasing" that was quite consistant..which was probably mostly out of the control of the taper. Had there not been that going on with this source, it would have been considerably more enjoyable than it was. I would make a suggestion to the taper to invest in some windscreens and focus next time on making the proper adjustments as to not be at the mercy of his or her surroundings in regards to the "phasing" issue...mic placement..ect. That being said, this source is still worth listening to, as there were some good moments in the performance...specifically, that little jam titled "Third Eye".




Eon Blue Apocalypse

The Patient



Third Eye





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