CA-14 > Church Audio ST-9100 > iRiver iHP-120 w/Rockbox installed
Taper: Chris Jacques, http://db.etree.org/SeanceMascara
Torrent: Yes

Notes by Nameloc: Well, well, well..it seems that "Team Church-Audio" pulled a really good one. I feel that I can safely say (even) at this point, that this particular source will reside towards the top of the list of notable sources from this tour. The clarity of this recording is wonderful, as is the aural image it gives you of standing right in front of the stage watching the band play...tightly....while the rest of the venue is completely empty. Yes..empty, this source absolutely "stands above" whatever crowd was there..you simply cannot hear anything other than the music- and its right in your face. The low-end on this recording is almost as tight as a nuns' "hoo-hah"..and its menacing...in a good way. Adams guitar sounds very good..its funny, you normally dont hear him make very many mistakes playing live, he's a *very* consistent player, but with this recording being so clear..you can hear a few small "oopsies" slip out from the Les Paul. Dannys drums sound quite nice also, balanced and full..exactly where they should be. We should all also be happy that this isnt a show where MJK is buried in the mix beneath the other guys, hes clear and seems to be putting a good amount of effort into this performance. I could go on about this recording some more as I really enjoyed it, but I will leave it at that. So, I will highly suggest that you get the link and DL it,...work out a trade with the taper or another trader,..or scale the ivory walls of the Tower of The Elitists and raid their vaults.. and thoroughly listen to this recording.

Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient
(Extended jam including 'Orion' by Metallica)