Solid State --- Zoom Q3 @48kHz 24Bit > WAV > CDWave > FLAC
@48kHz 24Bit > WAV > CDWave > FLAC
Taper: auroboros
Torrent: Yes

Notes by Taper:

Located on rail centre of stage. Stacks were just slightly behind me due to stage design.
by Nameloc: There's just something about having "Third Eye" as a show opener that immediately grabs you by the throat and pulls you in. I could tell within the first few seconds of the opener that this was going to be somewhat of an "in your face" type of recording..which is what I prefer. This source has a rather heavy and full bottom end,  possibly a little more than I typically like. I believe this is likely due to the equipment used and or the placement of the microphones. From the sound of the recording, it sounds like the taper wasnt too far away from the sound source,as I mentioned the music is very "up front" and there is minimal disturbance by the often disruptive crowd. While this source does sound full and relatively balanced, there does seem to be a bit of the "crystalline" high end missing,again, I suspect the gear or the way the mics were worn as the culprit. It by no means makes this a bad recording though, its actually quite enjoyable, and the band is sounding especially powerful. The recording sounds clear, no noticeable wind noise, "phasing", bumps..or any of the usual things that often hamper ones work. I would think this taper put some decent amount of effort into being still and doing everything he could to pull a good "tape"..and I think it clearly shows. The band pulled out an especially SICK setlist tonight.."46+2" was dropped and they played "Intension","Right in Two" and a stellar version of "You Lied"..which shines on this particular source.

 All in all, this is a very good recording, of a very good performance with a much better than normal setlist and I would recommend giving it a proper listen. Good job to the taper.


Third Eye

Right In Two

You Lied