Source A:
Solid State --- Recorded with: Hat Mounted -> SP-SMC-8 SOUND PROFESSIONALS PREMIUM AUDIO TECHNICA SLIMLINE STEREO MICROPHONES Cardiod (with low sensitivity modification) with locking high density wind cuffs plus SP-SPSB-11 and bass roll-off at 95Hz) -> Edirol HR09
wav (24BIT/48Hz) -> Sony SoundForge 10 (volume boost, mild compression)-> CD Wave (track splitting) and to .FLAC(level 8) -> You
Taper: pyometronguts (petersell)
Torrent: Yes

Notes by Taper: Outdoor Festival - 20 metres from L stack. Recording - fair audience recording, minor crowd noise/chatting/coughing. Wind artifact on some tracks, very occassional bass distortion (not recorder/mic clipping but venue speaker clipping) and some initial venue speaker static distortion during Jambi. Windy summer night in Perth (in fact the eastern hills suburbs were in fact on fire that night !!) 6th time i have seen these boys live - this show was a blast - Maynard in fine form indeed, tight sound and a longish set list by festival standards. Enjoy

Notes by Nameloc: This is another "close sounding" recording, and really rather clear too. There are a few issues at the beginning of "Jambi", but by the time that song ends, it seems the taper has gotten things mostly under control. Its really odd how Maynard can be barely audible at some shows, and at others he is well above the rest of the band..almost to the point where you hear things in his vocals you didnt notice before. This is one of those shows/sources..he is just exceptionally clear and higher in the mix than the rest of the guys. We get a good version of "The Pot" tonight, there are a few disturbances in the audio during this song, but it still kicks ass. I will add that Justins' bass  notes are generally captured well with this recording and Adams' "Silverburst"sounds consistantly raunchy. FYI, I am not complaining. There does seem to be an occasional mic clip occuring..but its not to the point where it destroys the recording at all. The 10' and 11' shows/sources consistantly show MJK putting more effort into his vocals than he (seemingly) did throughout the previous few years, and its evident on this source, probably mostly on "The Patient"..A quick public service announcement from Maynard regarding smoking and then we get into a really solid version of "Lateralus" which again,include the brief jam on Metallicas "Orion". I think in general the taper did a pretty good job with this recording, its clearer than alot of other "tapes" and it is balanced and not distant sounding. There are some occasional (minor?) audio issues, a slight "thin-ness", clipping and some wind noise, but,again, nothing that I will say ruins the recording.


Third Eye

Right In Two

You Lied