Source A:
DAT --- Nakamichi CM-300 (omni) > Sony PCM-M1 (Oade Mod II) @ 48khz
Transfer: DAT-M > Tascam DA-20 > WAV
Location: Dead Center, Front of Board in middle of venue / seating
Taper: Galen
Gen: Master
Torrent:  No

Notes by Galen:  Tool was in good form throughout this performance. MJK relied heavily on effects for vocal harmonies including the megaphone. Danny was spot-on, Adam's guitar blistered through the speakers and Justin's bass slaps shook the fillings in my mouth. Great set of songs delivered with seasoned professionalism. I noted that MJK says 'slurps of cock' in HWAP were 'sips of Coke' originally was which is rather funny. Tickets for this performance sold out very quickly and were rather difficult to get when they went on sale. When I attend concerts the last thing I do is scream, laugh, dance about, move and sing along. No, I stand there with my arms either folded or hands behind my back simply watching and listening to the music. After all, that's what's important, right? The music and being there, present in the moment are elements of importance. Although, truth be told, the more you move the more interference/issues you will have with your recordings. That said, a woman in her early 20's (who partied the entire show, at one point, screams in my ear the following: "Why are you even here? You're not dancing! You look bored!" Oh, dear girl, nope - nope - I was not bored.


Hooker With a Penis
(-) Ions
Ticks & Leeches
Forty-Six & 2
(with Danny Walker)