Source A:
Hi Mini Disc --- ATu853(c)>Nady cbm40s/PS-2>(line in) Sony MZ-M100 HIMD (pcm)
Transfer: master mds/m100 (analog out)>Behringer 802>Sony RCDW 500 cd buner>cd
Taper: Nameloc @ section 117 row J seat 12
Gen: Master
Torrent:  No

Notes by Nameloc:  I almost didn't make it to this show. About a week or so before we had one of those nice flash blizzards here in Cleveland, somehow my cars engine took in some water (slush) over the course of that day and the motor seized up... blown...toasted. So, with all of the problems that caused it seemed that getting to this show in Toledo (and back), which is almost 2.5 hrs from my house, wasn't my biggest priority. I actually then decided to just try to sell the ticket or worst case give it to someone who might tape the show. So I called a guy I knew that lived in the general area (Cleveland) and also taped shows to see if he wanted it,..I hadn't talked to him in quite some time, and as it turns out he was going to the show himself and offered me a ride, to and from. Good deal..as I really wanted to see this show due to the new additions to the setlist. So, with the ride from The Junkyard Express, some guidance from Mr.T...and some help from the aliens..I made the show. We parked quickly and I pretty much immediately went to scout the entrances and come up with a solid plan to get it easily. I ran into a buddy on the way, we hung out for a few, then both proceeded to enter the venue..with a good amount of ease. I went off looking for a poster..which we were late coming to the tables..finally got one..then made off for my seat to setup..test the gear..ect. I had never been to this venue before, but I knew my seat was on the right side of the arenas' "bowl"..about halfway up the lower section. This was far less than " an ideal location", and I wasn't expecting all that much from the recording. As it happened to be, while my seat was to the rightside, it wasn't all that far away from the stack (maybe 45-50' away). And besides that, the seat immediately to my right was empty the entire show,along with two of the seats in front of me. Basically, I had no one (anywhere) in front of me within 3', and strangely, not one single person walked down the (my) aisle in front of me fucking with the sound in relation to my mics. Everything seemed to worked out pretty well..the recording came out fairly solid..like I noted, no disturbances and I had a clean, close "shot" to the stack. The recording is more of an ambient one I think..unlike a few of the really good "omni" sourced shows recently that have sounded more "soundboard-like". The mix was good this night, and the band put on a really good performace, "Pushit" is probably the highlight of the show. All in all, I'm happy with the way this source turned out, and its an enjoyable listen. I did send several copies of this show out to people..so, if you have any interest in hearing it, it is out there.

Notes by Galen:  This source is my favorite audience recording of this performance. It is crisp, clean and clear with full, rich and dynamic sound. Excellent.


Hooker With a Penis
(-) Ions
Ticks & Leeches
Forty-Six & 2
(with Danny Walker)