Source A:
Solid State --- DPA 4061>DPA MMA6000>Sony PCM M10 (line in @ 24/48)
M10>USB>WAV@24/48>hard drive
Equalization: 1) Wavelab5.0-normalize to -0.3 db 2)T-RackS 3 High End Mixing and Mastering Suite-EQ (high pass filter @ 29hz,-3.8db @ 60hz,-0.2db & 180 hz,  +0.3 db bell @ 806 hz, -1.9db @ 5.79 khz)- T-RackS Compressor (ratio 1.74:1, input drive -0.8db, attack 42.0ms, release 174.8ms, 0.2db stereo enhancement, sidechain HPF 78khz)  -fades - resample and dither (for 16 bit version) 3) CD Wave 1.98 (tracking)> traders little helper (level 6 Flac compression) > Flac
Taper: Ryan A. @ section 134, Row 1 (FoRS)
Torrent: Yes

Notes by Nameloc: Well...I’m really not even sure where to begin with this one. Generally, I am not a big fan of the kind of results you (typically) get when running Omnis in a large arena rock n' roll setting..seems they tend to be a bit muddy and or "flat sounding", not to mention the typical audience chatter around you which may or may not sometimes include the sound of your "neighbors" talking about the "last time I saw them (insert band name here) play..." in a venue that you know for a fact they never played...anyhow..After about 10 minutes of listening to this particular source, I had already forgotten that I was listening to a recording that was done secretly by an audience member...with recording equipment hidden (..only God knows where) When I finally snapped out of it, I thought about what I was hearing, it was clear that this taper had an agenda that evening..to make a monster recording...and he succeeded. This is an extremely consistent, nearly perfectly balanced, "phase-free","up-front" seriously kick-ass recording. It could easily pass for an "open taping" sourced recording (imagine that)..it’s that good. The sound the band is emitting this evening is also very good. the mix is solid, MJK is clear, the guitars and bass are locked in, and the man behind the drum set sounds like he’s playing just for you. This night’s performance is quite good. I especially enjoyed this version of  "Sober”. that particular song, at least for me on the LP version, carries a very specific "vibe”. a certain sound to that particular (lp) recording. that from what I have heard of TOOL recordings over the years, it sometimes doesn’t really carry over to the live versions. the version this night comes pretty damn close. The "jam" the band has been doing this tour (alleged portion of a new song) sounds especially powerful, mostly the drums. I could probably go on, but I think you'd understand better by just listening to this recording. I'll say fairly confidently, that this will go down as one of the top recordings from this tour. Great job to the tapir'


Hooker With a Penis
(-) Ions
Forty-Six & 2