Vampires, Ticks, Chakras
Last Updated: 11/2009

Approximately five years post-Ænima, Lateralus was released to the scores of rabid Tool fans awaiting their next fix of devastatingly powerful, experimental & complex music. Although around the year 2000 there were rumors of a Tool-split, based on MJK's involvement with A Perfect Circle, the Lateralus-era with an emphasis on the year 2001, quashed all myths involving the band breaking up. Although a concern, some would argue a valid concern, among Tool enthusiasts involves the repetitious setlists with little variation in them from this era; if nothing else, the numerous excellent recordings capture a trained, professional & intense band at a peak in their career. The Lateralus-era is significant in the world of Tool collectors - this era sparked something of a proliferation of first time tapers, collectors & new fans. Starting with a United States 4-Date "Pre-Seminal Mini Tour" AKA "Shameless Self Promotion Tour", the band extensively toured Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand & back to the West Coast of the United States for a legendary tour with King Crimson.  The fifth date of the final leg of the 2001 headline tour, 09/11/2001, seemed to tie-together the evolution of Tool up to this point. Stepping either forward or sideways, depending on how you look at it, this album + tour embraced understanding, compassion, communication & most of all the art of "letting go" of  what it is that 'ties you down' while attempting to figure out your own reality, as you see it, by attempting to think without the influence of morals, governments, ideologies or the 'one' speaking to you - in other words, the ability to think for yourself. This theme was especially prominent directly after the terrorist attacks on 09/11/2001 where MJK asked the chanting crowd of "USA, USA, USA" in Grand Rapids, MI to consider that they (we) "
are going to be really bummed out when you find out it was the USA that did it, ok? This is a time to kind of remember why it is you do what you do. Rediscover your intent. And for God's sake, remember that art saves lives." Although it is an err to consider  that those events directly shaped the performances in 2001, the performances directly surrounding the aforementioned date have a certain feel to them that are unique. The years 2001 + 2002, to this point, are also the most recorded by fans.
Notes on live recordings/sources:
The overwhelming majority of live Tool recordings on this site are sourced from CD, cassette or DVD/VHS usually sourced from the taper or a verified, definitive low generation copy - as noted - and not from various downloaded material. The recordings found on this site, unless noted, are not sourced from FLAC, SHN,  or sourced from downloaded video files. Please note that this holds true to ~the 10K Days era. From 2006 on, virtually all recordings of Tool have been released via various torrents. All recordings found on this site have as much legitimate source & lineage history as possible. You can not download any complete recording on this site; only 1 minute (or less)  MP3 samples are provided to give the collector a reference for the source. This entire website is for referential & archival use only & in no way is to be used for commercial gain of any kind. 

Definitive Recordings:
06.12.01 - London, England @ Brixton Academy (2CD) (Source A)
09.13.01 - Grand Rapids, MI, USA @ Van Andel Arena (DAT / 2CD) (Source B)
11.01.01 - Irvine, CA, USA @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre (2CD) (Source A)