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Opiate (official release)
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Notes: Although these tracks have not been released on a bootleg, they are available (as most would know) on Tool'sfirst release, Opiate, as live recordings. Would you believe that at this stage in Tool's career they are working with Green Jello of "Three Little Piggies" fame? Nice. Tool is opening up for them, at their studio/venue - which is actually a big loft. You can hear Maynard say: "Get that Bob Marley wanna be mother-fucker out of here" which was in reference to the lead singer of Green Jello who actually had dreadlocks in his hair. MJK also says: "There used to be some assholes that lived in this part of the building here... but we systematically removed them like you would any kind of termite or roach" as they go into Jerk-Off. Who knows, maybe one day the entire show will surface? Unlikely but we can always hold our collective breath(s). For many, including myself, this was the first taste of Tool SBD recordings - ever. Brilliant stuff, really. The thing about this is, is that there is a SBD recording of this out there. There has to be. Maybe one day we will know now. The performance is raw but yet polished to a T. This is a good estimation of where Tool will go in their career.




Time: 8:37

Cold & Ugly