Unknown Analog -- Probably a commercial Walkman with a  built-in mic
Source: It should be noted that there are a total of 2 cassette>CD transfers of this recording show floating around.
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Notes: This is referred to as the 'Medicine Show'. Tool opened for Rage Against The Machine. The recording itself is very rough, raw, slightly brickwalled, distant & is for those reasons probably make it a collector's item. As the tape starts, the recorder says "Tool's up, Tool's up" as they come out on-stage. This is the only known acoustic performance to have been recorded - live. It is not long, about 2 minutes as it is then metamorphosized into, of all songs, Disgustipated. Very, very interesting recording - perhaps the shortest gig they've ever done or else it is incomplete, no one is sure. Or are they? After Tool walk off stage.... a Rage Against The Machine live set, then the recording cuts out. During the first Rage song, a shotgun goes off & I think it may be Maynard doing what he did during the performance of Disgustipated. Judging by the Shotgun blast & screams from the crowd during the first Rage song, he does it again then. This recording seems to show up on some copies of 08.29.93 as one long-track. The Rage set is almost poorer quality, audio-wise. But, it sounds to me, honestly, like tape fuzz from a VHS. I could be wrong but it sounds like a 4-5 Generation transfer to CD. This is performance every fan should listen to, if at least on a few occasions. Interesting, all around.
Notes: Recently, another version of the same recording source has surfaced. The amount of Tool's performance is unchanged, but the Rage Against The Machine set is included. This is rather rare, apparently. I'm sure that will change soon enough but it is good to realize there are different versions floating around.

"Can you hear us ok? We've never been unplugged before. This is a song we used to play in L.A. a long time ago, it's uh, a very short song --- it's called Maynard's Dick."







Version 2 ((transfer to CD by Galen))
CD Time: 33:20

01) Intro (talking)
02) Maynard's Dick
03) Disgustipated
(Shotgun blasts, disturbing voice effect)
Rage Against The Machine
04) Unknown (Trrack transition , cut in beginning. Song is same as Unknown (track 7).
05) Bombtrack
06) Take the Power Back
07) Unknown
<song is same as Unknown (track 4), cut & fade-out. Time: 2:01>
08) Tool set + RATM set <repeated as one track>








Version 1 ((Common Version))
CD Time: 10:05
01) Maynard's Dick (acoustic)
02) Disgustipated
Shotgun blasts, disturbing voice effect)
Rage Against The Machine
03) Unknown
<Smooth track transition from Disgustipated. Incomplete. Time: 2:01>