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Source: 5 Gen VHS > Goldwave > .WAV > NERO > CD ((Mastered to CD by Galen))
Source: 5 Gen VHS > DVD
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Notes: Very interesting recording. I am positive that this is the same taper as the 05.02.92 show the day before. The same voices are heard on the tape and also, it sort of makes sense as this show and the aforementioned show are often on the same VHS cassette. Bottom has very different lyrics. This recording is filmed from the upper-right balcony, downward onto the band playing on-stage. The venue itself is a beautiful gothic-style church (w/stained glass windows) & very minimal renovation. Interesting. The performance itself is straight-on & quite raw. Sound is decent, especially for 1992, but does have minimal high-level distortion. This is a show that virtually any fan of the 1992-era would be happy about listening to. Many versions are, in actuality, incomplete versions. It would be nice if I did not even have to list this incomplete version but...this has been traded into people's collections & is out there. I would recommend the other VHS rip as it is complete & has slightly better sound.
Notes: Unlike other versions of this show, this is complete. Sound is good, slightly better than the other version, the rip I did from an incomplete recording. Notice... Sober is played as an opener? Name one recording where this has happened? How cool is that? Seriously. I am not certain but I have a feeling that this is either a very interesting and short set -or- this recording is still incomplete. Bottom has different lyrics. All I can say is, this should be in everyone's collection. What a nice capture of Tool in their rather early, raw and aggressive stage. I am impressed. The individual who transferred this recording from PAL VHS actually bought this in Barcelona, Spain in some random bootleg shop. I find that rather interesting... imagine, somewhere, this recording is what an individual may think about Tool and/or America. Once you hear this, you will know what I mean. This is officially referred to as the "Spanish Bootleg".

Maynardism: "By the way, we really do encourage bestiality....no, really".



Spoken word on Bottom by Maynard:
   There's no other choice but to go inside your guiltless pleasure
                 There's no other choice
                 Too much, too hard, to make me lie down-now

     There's no other choice.
                 You see, I gotta arm myself to fight you now
                  Cause you left me no choice
                 I'll make weapons out of my imperfections as that's all I have left

     There's no other choice
                 See I, I'm shameless now
                                   I'm nameless now
                                         I'm loveless  now
                                             I'm used & beaten now
      But my soul is iron
                And my fear is naked
                         I'm naked & fearless & my fear is naked.
                                 Dead inside. Dead inside. Fearless now.
  Nameless now.
                                         Nothing now. No one now.
Time: 34:56

Crawl Away
Swamp Song

*Jerk-Off missing on many copies