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Source: 1st Gen VHS >  DVD
Source: ? Gen VHS Source: Low Gen VHS > Goldwave > .WAV >  NERO > CD ((Mastered by Galen))
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Notes: The DVD not sourced from whatever random VHS-copy but the 1st Gen is, in a word, superior. This gig before pretty much anyone had heard of or heard much of Tool. Filmed with permission by the band, this product was made available due to 'Chest Pains' Productions. Listen to the recording, you will know what I mean. It is interesting to hear the band go from standing in the crowd just talking to people to on-stage where they tune the instruments & talk. The camera gets all of it. Throughout the show, the camera has intense close-ups of Maynard, Adam, Paul & Dan. MJK -- mostly. As he belts out the songs, the camera focuses on his face maybe about 3 feet away- you do not want to be the focus of Maynard's stare. That stare -- spooky. There is a focus on MJK before Swamp Song which clearly displays his spine tattoo. Definitely one of the most interesting live recordings out. Very good, to this day. Cue this show up to Crawl Away & prepare to look into insanity(?). The filmer, although annoying at times, really did fine a job in recording this show. The taper gets some very candid shots of Tool in a -very- small bar, very early in their career. Not sure how many people are at the gig but I doubt there was over 35. The performance of Tool is as a precursor to what they will achieve in their career & the influence they continue to exert on music today. As for this particular recording, no matter what gen of this show you have or get - perhaps you will understand why many people think of this as the penultimate or defining capture of Tool from early in their career... intensity, hauntingly beautiful harmonies, emotional release, raw...

Maynardism: "Yo, Tess...take off your shirt."

Time: 63:00

(Band warms up, tunes guitars & talks to sound-engineer)
K - 'Check 1. Check 1. Check. Check. Check.'
(talking to sound engineer about monitor levels)
MJK - 'Check. Check 1. Check. Check, 1. Check. Check. Check, 1, 1, 1. Check. Check. Check, 1. Check. Check. Good.'
MJK - (off mick) 'Can you hear me in that, Dan?'
Danny Carey - 'I need more of Maynard.'
Sound engineer -
'Ok... I'm ready ?'
MJK - 'We need... We need...-'
Danny Carey - 'We need more of Maynard in the monitors.'
MJK - 'He needs more of me in the monitor.'
Sound engineer - 'Ok, he needs more of you in the monitor back there?'
MJK - 'Yeah, way back there.'
Sound engineer - 'OK, Danny so... It's up Maynard.'
MJK - 'Check. Check. Check. Check.'
Sound engineer - 'OK, I'm ready Danny. Are you ok? You got guitar and bass back there?'
Danny Carey - 'Yeah.'
Sound engineer - 'OK, lets do it then.'
MJK - 'Maybe. I don't know. We need some water.'

 Part Of Me

(talking off mick)
MJK - 'A little bit more vocal in the monitor. Just a little bit'
Paul D'Amour - 'That song was called soundcheck. Thank you, very much!'
(talking off mic)
MJK - 'Yo Tess... Take off your shirt.'


(talking off mick)
Paul D'Amour - 'Where did all those shirts come from, man?'
(MJK talking to Adam off mic)
Paul D'Amour - 'You guys all call each other when you can.'

Cold & Ugly


(talking off mic)
Danny Carey - 'One, two, three, four!'


Crawl Away

(talking off mic)

Swamp Song

(talking off mick)
Danny Carey - 'One, two, three, four!'



(MJK talking to a person in the audience)

A) Taper filming TV, as he watches it = people playing with swords>
B) Video =  Bad late-80's metal-genre act, opening act for Corrosion of Conformity (?)