Unknown Video Camera Equipment
Source: 3 Gen VHS > DVD > CD (transferred to CD by Galen.)
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Notes: The common copies of this performance are incomplete, missing the songs after opiate. Now, this complete version has actually been in people's collections for a while. I had heard about it but just didn't really think much about it until someone specifically informed me about the complete vs the incomplete. All in all, this is a good show, very powerful energy. But the audio is certainly not the greatest and it is hard to make out what the lyrics are - the audio is sort of smashed together. The video is decent. Beware, there are various rips of this that (for some reason) people are keeping off of trade lists as of early 2004... I do not know why. As it is, I hope & assume that the complete version will replace all of the incomplete versions in collections. As of interesting setlist note, this is only the 2nd known -recorded- performance of Maynard's Dick, the other show being from 07.25.92. In reality, the only reason why someone would want to enjoy this show would be for the study of the band, not the recording quality. So, for those people that are completely into measurable quality, I would not recommend this show to you.
Notes: Incomplete version is: Opiate (cut), MJK's Johnson, Cold & Ugly & Bottom w/a running time of: 43:48

Maynardism: "That was a love song. This is a love song too called: Rocking-hole, yeah, yeah, yeah"





Complete Version

Paul D'Amour: 'Hi.'



Maynard: 'That was a, that was a love song. This is a love song too.'
Paul D'Amour: 'This next song is called Rock N Roll Baby, yeah, yeah, yeah. This microphone smells like somebody fucking ?'

 Crawl Away


Part Of Me

Swamp Song

Paul D'Amour: 'This is another love song. ?'
Maynard: 'All love songs.'

4 degrees

Paul D'Amour:  'This next song is about the little baby Jesus.'


Maynard: 'This is a, this song is a very short song. It's called Maynard's Dick.'

Maynard's Dick

Maynard: 'We don't usually do that song, but this is a special occasion. We felt like dancing. Thank you.'

Cold & Ugly

Paul D'Amour: '?'
Maynard: 'Only 15 bucks ?'
Adam Jones: 'I just want to say I have that exact same lens, same lens.'
Paul D'Amour: 'This is our last song, thanks. We're going to do it then we're going to ? Buy our t-shirt.'