"The Sylvia Massey Video"

VHS > DVD (transfer 2004: GSP)
Gen: 3rd Gen VHS
Taper: Various
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Notes by Galen - A: Hmm. Where to begin, what to say? Like all good things, let's keep it brief and to the point. This video has been floating around in some capacity (a very limited capacity) since I first ascertained it back in late 1999 or early 2000. From the time I received the video, I simply sat on it as that is what was requested from the individual that gave this interesting creation to me. The videos highlights, amongst other things, the demolition of a grand piano for Disgustipated (with shotgun blasts & breaking it with sledgehammers), a 20 second clip of the 07/25/1992 Medicine Show, the band walking/talking whilst documenting, Adam making the ribs for the cover of Undertow, MJK asleep with hardcore pornography on in the background, a few short-stop animations by Mr. Jones, MJK screaming through a bullhorn as he comments on the gold records on the wall of Massey's studio, Sylvia Massey mixing, Danny solo, Paul solo, Adam with the latter, Adam's pigs, Henry Rollins doing alternative take(s) for Bottom & other things that Tool, apparently, did back in 1992 as they recorded Undertow. This video is so private, so raw, so indescribable that it is debatable as to whether this should have ever made it into any sort of rounds on the trade-circuit. What would be worse than this being sold? Well, I don't know, how about being shown on You Tube with sections missing? Pretty close call there. But I digress, in early 2006, someone put bits & pieces of this source up on You Tube which ended up making all sorts of people gain interest into this otherwise non-existent recording (non-existent because no one really knew about it before). So, how did this make it from there to there in the first place? See part B. As for the recording, this is essential material for those interested in the early days of Tool. And just think, there are other videos like this floating around out there as well... stuff like behind the scenes in 1993 with RATM, on tour in Lollapalooza, backstage stuff & the like. But those also are non-existent.
Notes by Galen - B: Unfortunately, the source of this video that floats around does stem from cu.org. Allow me to explain though. In early 2004, someone contacted me and told me about this video that she had 'attained'. How she got it, as sordid as it is, is not relevant but when she discussed it in detail I knew exactly what she was talking about. Perhaps it has something to do with the amount of time I put into my site & also into the hobby of Tool collecting + taping but I do feel a certain protectiveness over the music/videos of Tool; particularly the early stuff. The last thing I want to see are these rare gems being used/abused so I try to take steps to make sure this does not occur. As such, this person & I worked out an arrangement where I would receive the VHS & send it back to her with a DVD version as well. So, when I finally received this "second" video, I watched it from start to finish. I noticed that approximately 15 minutes at the end of the "second" video (the new one I received) was missing from the copy that I've had for a while before. Also, there are a couple random things that are MIA (i.e.: another short-stop animation & an extended part with the band in the studio). So, I kept my end of the bargain by sending back a DVD to the source with the explicit instruction (for both) that we were to sit on it. Well, something went awry at some point; some link in the chain snapped & here we are. I suppose, though, this is actually a good thing. The current Tool community, for the most part, comprises of dedicated folks that simply appreciate the band. Who knows, if things like this masterpiece are treated well over the span of time who knows what may pop up for those that are respectful? And to answer questions, yes this video is complete in regards to what was on the VHS received in 2004. All in all, highly recommended & dare I say mandatory for the hardcore Tool fans.

Notes by onemotive (09/2007): What a rarity this one is! This video gives you great insight into the making of 'Undertow.' I thoroughly enjoyed watching this. There's a few different sections of the video & I think that, technically, it is in need of getting split into chapters because it is currently all just run together (as it was on vhs). The first "chapter" is The Making Of "Disgustipated." Paul yells out on a few occasions "death to mozart!" Theres a good amount of footage of this (probably about half an hour), but this section gets a little old because all they really do for the whole time is take turns shooting a shotgun at pianos, beating pianos with sledge hammers and pick axes, throwing cymbals at it, and just making an all-around mess of sound and shrapnel. The second "chapter" peaks my interest quite a bit more. The majority of this time is spent filming Adam (and others) sculpting the album artwork. Adam's got Ozzy, Bowie and Zeppelin all on his playlist during this time, we get to see all the different and difficult techniques it took to properly take the final picture of the sculpture, & Maynard falls asleep watching porn...what more could one ask for? ha.. The third section, could possibly be put into multiple chapters, or not - that is up for debate, but it all takes place at Sound City in the studio, in Van Nuys, CA. There are clips of some songs being recorded: This includes Henry Rollins' contribution, the folk-indian style band from the intro to 'Crawl Away', and a good amount of time watching Maynard run around the halls with a loudspeaker introducing all the record awards on the walls... There are some annoyances I noted, such as cut sections where you just want to see what happens next but--! it stops. There's the occasional few seconds of random snow as well, but it doesn't take away from what a rare view into the inner workings of Tool this is. I recommend this to anyone who is enough of a Tool fan to have all of their albums and the will to collect their live shows. It is great. If you are lucky enough to end up with it as I was, please respect it.




Time: 1:39:15 (approximately)


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