Unknown Video Recording Equipment
Source: 4th or 5th Gen VHS > S-Video > Plextor PX-AV100U > U-Lead DVD > DVD (transfer: Galen 2005)
CD Source: 4th or 5th Gen VHS > Goldwave > WAV > NERO > CD ((Mastered by Galen 1998))
Image from DVD:
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Notes: Upgrade w/verifiable source information requested... Really nice & raw performance. There is a noticeable amount of tape hiss that is unfortunately rather common as only higher (than lower) gen recordings of this show have reached the surface. Also, the -loud- presence of the crowd is not lost in the recording. It appears as though this show was taped from a sitting position at a table; the taper merely focuses in & out on the band from a slight distance. Interesting. The video is slightly grainy and not entirely in focus much but is at times; and it is jerky - for sure. The video sort of stalls > goes back -- if that makes any sense. Very hard to explain. The audio warbles a bit, hiss is apparent, slight muffled sound add up to make this, probably, best left for collectors only. I do not think this recording is palatable for the average, casual listener. It should be noted that the audio is much better than the picture quality. Interesting though, all around. Paul talks to the crowd & mentions he is from Spokane, the crowd has a limited reaction. Tool seems to be doing just a standard performance this night; good but not maybe inspired. Maybe inspired but not good, I don't know, truth be told it is rather difficult to really ascertain much rather than the basic hiss & high frequency sounds as, again, this is a few gens up. Also, the ending of Opiate & Jerk-Off melt/converge into one song - which I have not heard before. Unfortunately, there are some tape cuts in Part of Me, Crawl Away & Jerk-Off & it is only about 2mins long.




Time: 44:52


Part Of Me
(intro cut)

Paul: "Spokane! My people! I'm from Spokane originally I uh, dropped out from ? High school ?.
MJK: "We'll be having a Gene Booth mustache contest later so get your Acid washed jeans."

Cold & Ugly
Swamp Song
(fade-out/ tape flip?)
Crawl Away
(beginning cut)
(cuts at end)