DAT --- Aiwa CM-30 > Sony TCD-D7 > Analog transfer > Maxell cassette
DAT:    ANA-M > DAT-1 @ 48 khz
CD:      DAT-M > ANA-1 > 1G CD
Taper:  S.D.
MP3 sample: Right click & save

The above source info reflects the fact that the taper recorded the show then put it to cassette & re-used the DAT tape. As such, there is no master DAT in existence. At least from this source that is.
Great sound. It is amazing to me that so many recordings, different dates, are available from Tool's tour with Fishbone & Rage Against The Machine. Well, it really isn't too surprising seeing that RATM was breaking during that time. Still, we are lucky that tapers such as Stephane/SD were around. The performance of this recording, like everything SD has done (that I've heard) captures Tool disturbingly well - especially at such an early stage in their career. Some of the best recorded AUD works of Tool are from S.D.'s 93 recordings. They have a raw but refined edge that honestly does not take any prisoners. They are putting their work 'out there' as they actually have something to prove. Very nice. It should be noted that there are numerous different audio rips of this show, same source. Be careful, come sources are simply better than others. The two times at the bottom are the most common of the 'good' sources.
Notes: by - Ryan A: Even with the analogue tape lineage, this recording sounds better than ¾ths of the Lateralus tour recordings. S.D.’s recordings are detailed and heavy, jammin’ and really easy to get into. The drums come through especially well on his recordings, with the kick drum driving the way. This show has a great slow groove to it. My puter desk took a drum beating on this one. Nothing spectacular about tonight, just another example of the band bringing the energy every night of the France ’93 tour. Paul feels the need to begin many of the shows by insulting the French. Tonight he calls them cocksuckers. Funny and ignorant all at the same time! On the other hand, “there’s some assholes from America right here. Fucking Hillbilly rednecks,” Paul says. Americans are so good at being inconspicuous in other countries. 




Paul: "Hey little French cocksuckers."
MJK: "Hi. We're Tool. We're from Los Angeles. We're a heavy rubber band from Akron Ohio.

Prepare to lose your hearing."


Paul: "This song is dedicated to goddamned John Lutheran."
MJK: "It's the title track off our latest release. It's called Undertow."


Paul: "There's some assholes from America right here, you can tell. Fucking hillbilly rednecks.

This song is called Sober."

Prison Sex

MJK: "That was a love song. I think they're all love songs. Not sure. This is a love song too.

It's about butt love."

4 degrees

Paul: "This song is called Opiate. It's for the loud obnoxious Americans."


MJK: "This is our last song. Fishbone is up next. Fishbooone. Thank you for your patience."