DAT --- Aiwa CM-30 > Sony TCD-D7
DAT: DAT-1 > Digital Clone-2
CD: Master > DAT (transfer 2002)
Taper:  S.D.
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Notes: Very, very good sound. Most Mini Disc & DAT shows recorded in 2002 do not sound this good nor are they this clear - consider the situation. Tool, semi-unknown band & a bunch of great recordings from the small club tours opening for Rage Against The Machine & Fishbone. Of course, quite a bit has to do with the venue (small club) & the taper standing right beside relatively small speaker stacks. I don't know...some may argue but for some reason, it sounds the clearest on SD's recordings, Tool live. The performance is like the other France shows, high energy & intense. Not much more to say. There is another or multiple sources of CD transfer from DAT or audio cassettes. Taking a guess, I've heard about three recordings of this same source but with different track transition & times.
Notes: by - Ryan A:
In several ways, this show is the antithesis of the night before. The band is playing with more intensity, and Maynard & Paul are out front in the mix, in contrast to the Adam-domination of last night. And they are playing a larger venue: Le Zenith in Caen (as opposed to the 10 other Le Zeniths across France). “Welcome to the enormodome” says Paul. And if you look at pictures of the venue, here and here, you can see what he means. It looks like a huge slab of a dance floor with a mile high ceiling and tons of seats sloping up around it. Clearly excessive for this show. Echo … echooo … echoooo.  The recording is damn good though. But should we expect less from Stephane D? It catches the echo of the dome, but is very sound-focused and balanced. Maynard is nuclear tonight. A radioactive, exploding fission of a performance. He’s taking advantage of the expansive venue and projecting his voice with force, colliding with fans and reverberating off the walls in echoes. “Let MEEEEEEE … in.” “Even if I’m JUST KIDDAAAAAAAAAANG!” And Bottom is fucking tenacious. Check your vitals after this one




Time: 48:35

Paul: "Wow. Welcome to the enormo-dome."
MJK: "Good evening. We're Tool. We're a heavy rubber band from Akron, Ohio. And we've run out of patience."


Paul: "This next song is called 'French people suck.'
MJK: "I don't think so, I haven't gotten sucked yet."


MJK: "There's more people over here than there are over here. If you can't breathe and you want more space ... that way. Otherwise, don't."
Paul: "This is Sober."


Paul: "This song is for goddamned Joe Tucker."


MJK: "This is a love song. It goes out to anyone who has ever been raped before. It's called Prison Sex."

Prison Sex
4 degrees

MJK: "This is our last song. Next up - Fishbone. Feeshboone. Feeshbooone."