Analog --- Aiwa CM-30 > Sony WM-D6 > Maxell cassette
DAT: ANA-M > DAT-1 @ 48 khz
CD: DAT > M > ANA-1 > 1G CD (transfer: S.D. 2002)
Taper: S.D.
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Notes (June 2004):
As you will notice, this particular source page has been sort of like a work in progress over the course of a few years - there is no reason that this should cease. As it is, the source information means that the taper recorded the show then transferred the recording from DAT to cassette via an analog (non digital line). He then re-used his DAT for another concert. As such, no DAT master/clone exists. This continues to be one of my personal favorite recordings of Tool - ever. I do not know exactly why...
Note 1: As of now, Oct. 1st, 2002, this show along with 09.29.93 & 10.01.93 are extremely rare. As of Dec. 20th, 2002 -- there are quite a few copies floating around. Which is nice. I must point out that Per Christian Stoltz's good thinking made it all possible due to his questioning with the taper. Before now, these shows have not been released - ever. The same guy taped almost all of the 1993 gigs; amazing how one guy's hobby of recording can benefit so many other fans, isn't it?
Note 2: Recording is in-fucking-credible relating to sound & energy. Some people will, probably, confuse this with a DAT recording, I could. Very low crowd noise & almost perfect mix of the instruments make this one of, if not the, best analog cassette recordings I've heard.  Besides a tape flutter during the first minute of Intolerance, there an no other negative issues. The crowd is so quiet that, when listening on headphones between Sober & Prison Sex, you can hear a plastic cup dropping on the ground, roll, then get kicked by (possibly) the taper (Per noticed that first). This recording is just...why I collect live recordings of Tool; that's all. Nothing more to say.
Note 3: This was originally copied (by the taper) a little bit too fast. This new time, below, is a new rip from the original master tape with the speed fixed so it as it sounded live rather than being a bit fast.
Notes: by - Ryan A: This one was remastered from the original analogue master by Per S. to fix the speed, which ran slightly fast on the original recording. It sounded good before. It sounds particularly good now, especially for being an analogue source. Though there is a strange phasing from clear sound to muffled sound during the first song or two. It almost sounds like the taper keeps leaning over. But it's more likely a product of the cassette lineage. And the quality gets better as the show goes on. From the opening Intolerance, you are thrown into a dizzying locomotion of sound. Tool is really driving it here; there's not much subtlety. Bottom and Flood (full version!) are a must-hear. But there are better SD recordings (and performances). Oh and Paul sounds drunk.


Part of Me
Prison Sex