DAT --- Aiwa CM-30 > Sony TCD-D7 > Analog transfer > Maxell cassette
DAT: ANA-M > DAT-1 @ 48 khz
CD: DAT-M > ANA-1 > 1G CD (transfer 2003: Per)
Taper: S.D.
MP3 Sample: Right click & save as

Slightly confusing I suppose, if you look at the above source info. Basically, the original DAT was taped over and was transferred to cassette via an analog transfer. It was later re-transferred to DAT + CD by Mr. Per. Really nice sound; levels nice & no sort of brick-walling or annoying attributes sometimes common with early shows. Crowd is quiet; not sure how many people were at this gig...couldn't have been many for Tool. There are numerous audio rips from various sources of this show, so beware, on the most common versions, this show is TAO.  Now, on many copies, If you listen very closely, you can hear an extremely quick fade or snippet. To the casual listener, you cannot tell. I'm glad, really, because this is one good show overall. Also, you can hear static 'buzz' caused when whomever cut out the TAO hum when it is very quiet. Not nasty but if on a decent pair of head phones a little. But, on the most recent rips to audio by Mr. Per CLS, the exact integrity of this show is intact and it is an absolute pleasure to listen to & on DAT it is almost surreal. Slightly distant but clear. Good recording...
Notes: by - Ryan A: Ahh that hall echo makes Maynardís cries and bellows even more powerful and haunting. This one has more venue echo than most of the other í93 French shows. And the recording has more bass than S.D.ís others. It is a bit overwhelming, and must be EQíd down to be listenable (at least in my headphones). Tonight, Maynard seems to be inspired by the energy behind the lyrics, rather than the articulation of the words themselves. The words are a flow pulled along by the melody Ė a tool to convey the emotion of the melody and song. Heís down deep in the music, moving with it and arching his melodies up from within and not over the top. Listen to the breakdown in Sober when all instruments drop except Maynardís ďI am just a worthless liar.Ē So exhausted and pathetic. Or ďon my knees Iím burning. My piss and moans are the fuel that set my head on fire." Frightened, in pain and crying out. Itís live where you really learn about songs - what they are trying convey and the dynaamics within. Listen to this whole show because it is a subtly unique and emotional one. But if you donít do anything else Ė listen to Bottom. Itís another great performance of the song by the band, but Angelo Moore of Fishbone comes on stage and delivers a spoken word that takes it to a level it has never been. Toilets and shit, devils and gods, individuality and greed and back down to the toilet again to fertilize. Itís stunning. My favorite performance of the song...


Prison Sex
Swamp Song