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Unspecified Recording Equipment
Source C: 1st Gen VHS > DVD
Source: 1st Gen VHS > S-Video > Plextor PX-AV100U > U-Lead DVD > DVD (transfer: Galen 2005)
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Here (Layne Stayley of Alice In Chains)

Notes: This recording was purchased from the filmer via eBay. Since this seems to be semi-available to those who know who to ask + where to look (online), there is not really a way to determine whether or not it is real rare or not. There seems to be at least 4 people that I know of whom have this show but just are holding onto it. However, I've not seen this on people's trade lists even though this has been leaking out or being sold since the middle 1990's. There are reports of VHS shows listed as: "??.??.93 CA" which are possibly this show just really mislabeled so maybe it is in other people's collections and they just don't know it. I don't know for sure, taking an educated guess here. Now, this video seems to be more of filming for the posterity of the entire event of the Melee Festival as the first 60 minutes are of not only Hawaii but of the crew showing their assess/mooning, the skyline, setting up the stage and ultimately, chicks in bikini's in the crowd (close-ups). Then, Tool comes on stage. But, don't get your hopes up - their set is severely cut. There are times when the filmer is in the barricade, side of stage & back in the lawn - cutting out audio + visual during movement. When Tool is playing Swamp Song is the music for the filmer taping a group of people getting sprayed with water from a hose. And, so on. After Tool's set, which is severely cut short, there is Stone Temple Pilot's set that is also severely cut short. As a mention, Layne Stayley of Alice In Chains provides some back-up vocals on Opiate. The VHS version, as limited in availability as it may be,  the complete video 'recording'. The documentation of the Festival, not just the bands. The DVD transfer has a weird issue. I Do not understand why, but there is a weird sort of waviness of the performance. Everything slightly out of focus is blurry almost but the angle moves, the situation is there. Very odd. You know, since the VHS was purchased, perhaps the taper tried to do something to it for playback to prevent reproduction. Just a note.
Notes: There is at least one more VHS transfer of this video out there with video problems. Make a note.

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Time for entire VHS: 120
Time for Tool's recorded set: 33:30

Prison Sex
Swamp Song (cut)
(w/Layne Stayley)

Jerk-Off (cut)

Stone Temple Pilots
Crackerman (cut)