Time: 54:03


Hip, hip. Keep it down out there.'

Cold & Ugly

Paul D'Amour:
'Of all the words of the great Hawaiian God ?, repeat after me, 'mecca lecca hi mecca hiney ho.' Come on.'


'This song is called Hush.'


Paul D'Amour
'Anybody ever seen a train wreck happen on stage? It does happen. Without a train.'

If you buy our album we do that song right on the album, not like that. This song is called Sober. '

Prison Sex

Paul D'Amour
'One more time. Mecca lecca hi mecca hiney ho.'

Swamp Song

'Ladies and gentleman, Ted Farfennugent. This song is about Arabian folktales and their influence on idiots.'

Opiate (w/Layne Staley) >

Paul D'Amour:
'This is our last song. You've all been very kind and courteous and polite. You haven't thrown too much shit at me. It's called Jerk-Off.'



Source A:
Soundboard Recording (SBD) --- Sound-Desk > Sony TCD-D8 DAT (patch) > CD
       1st from Master
Taper:      Lou
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Notes - Source:
It was not my intent to mention this recording in such a forum as, let's be honest, the majority of people get either freaky or stupid about SBDs. Fact is though, the taper's habits of selling this SBD on eBay (see accompanying video) to anyone who will pay has made this, perhaps, the most common SBD of all the Tool recordings. If it is not currently the most common, then I assume that sometime within the next few months or years it will be. I would not be surprised if this ends up on all SHN/FLAC hubs &, hey, I bet it already has. Unlike other rarities, this particular SBD was sort of a fluke in its creation. A guy in Hawaii who worked as a roadie for the Melee Festival basically just plugged into the board & got this recording as well as -tons- of other bands at this festival & other venues all around Hawaii. And, there are reported to be a bunch of other bands over a course of years at various places on the islands as well, all in stunning SBD quality. Perhaps it is merely my perception but if I were a person with a plethora of SBD recordings I would not only -not- sell them I would also treat them with respect. But, hey, people are free to do what they choose. Myself, I wouldn't sell stuff on eBay as that is why I work & have a job.
Notes - Versions:
Ok, now, there are also 3 different versions of this exact same source out as well. One is incomplete and is missing Cold & Ugly + Intolerance, starts on Hush & has only 1 track. The other version starts on C&U and has 2 tracks; track 2 starting at Hush. Apparently, the taper, when he sent out original copies of this SBD, would only send people the incomplete unless they paid more for 'bonus stuff'. Bah. Let me repeat, the complete has 2 tracks, incomplete has 1 track. Got it? Good. The re-mastered version has all the tracks split & sounds a bit better than both version 1 + 2. Also, as of late 2004, this recording has been SHN'd / FLAC'd / APE'd to death. So, good luck figuring out where the hell your copy came from. All is lost...
Notes - Quality:
Tool played pretty good this day, yes this was during the day, but holy shit they simply murdered Undertow. I think that a comparable mess-up, although not as bad as this one, is from 11.03.01 but that performance from 2001 is nowhere near as funny as this one is. Other than that, it is hard to complain about such a stellar recording & otherwise blistering performance. As an added bonus, it is none other than Mr. Layne Staley (RIP) of Alice In Chains guest singing on Opiate. Staley is sort of hard to hear but he is definitely there. All in all, excellent recording & one that is sure to make it into your collection sooner than later, I assume.

"Hup hup. Keep it down out there."
"If you buy our album, we do that song right on the album, not like that."
(speaking of Undertow)
"This song is about Arabian folk tales & their influence on idiots.