Source B:
Soundboard Recording (SBD) --- Sound-Desk > DAT (patch) > CD
Gen:        1st from Master > Remaster > CD
Taper:      Lou
Professionally Remastered: Front-Of_House Soundboard -> unknown DAT recorder ->
CD (gen. 2) -> Cubase SX2.0 (using Universal Audio) > EQ-ing, Waves linMB, and Waves L1) -> Wave
Remastered by: Prof. Stoned @ The Soundhouse, May 2004
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes, by remaster-er: Where the orginal source is too bright, and with a too dominant drum sound, this version sounds more like a good mix. It's is the same mix but treated w/ a multiband compressor, eq and limiter. The treatment has brought the bass, guitar and vocal more upfront. I edited the beginning a bit. The announcement may sound a bit weird because of that, but i prefered it to the drop-outs.
Notes: Going to assume 2 things. 1, collectors & fans will have read the other info about this show. 2, that people  realize that this Sound Board recording sounded fantastic to begin with. When a good friend of mine told me that he was having it remastered I honestly did not think much of it as I did not think it needed it. On a side-by-side comparison, the difference is there & it is pretty significant. This is definitely one of the finest live captures of Tool that I have ever been lucky enough to take a listen to. The cymbals are brought out, bass hits even sweeter, guitar is mixed better & even MJK's vocals seem to be a bit cleaner. Now to me, one of the most significant differences is on Opiate. On the other versions, you can hear Layne but just barely. On this version, you definitely can hear him although he is still slightly muddled by Maynard's over-powering set of pipes -- but his presence is definitely more evident. All in all, a significant improvement on something that had already sounded pretty damn clean & pleasant to begin with. Now, I am not doing anything with this recording as I have a good feeling that putting out another source to the same source just w/different EQ would just really confuse things. Once this recording makes it's way out from other venues I will trade it as well.

"Hup hup. Keep it down out there."
"If you buy our album, we do that song right on the album, not like that."
(speaking of Undertow)
"This song is about Arabian folk tales & their influence on idiots."




Time: 54:02


Hip, hip. Keep it down out there.'

Cold & Ugly

Paul D'Amour:
'Of all the words of the great Hawaiian God ?, repeat after me, 'mecca lecca hi mecca hiney ho.' Come on.'


'This song is called Hush.'


Paul D'Amour
'Anybody ever seen a train wreck happen on stage? It does happen. Without a train.'

If you buy our album we do that song right on the album, not like that. This song is called Sober. '

Prison Sex

Paul D'Amour
'One more time. Mecca lecca hi mecca hiney ho.'

Swamp Song

'Ladies and gentleman, Ted Farfennugent. This song is about Arabian folktales and their influence on idiots.'

Opiate (w/Layne Staley) >

Paul D'Amour:
'This is our last song. You've all been very kind and courteous and polite. You haven't thrown too much shit at me. It's called Jerk-Off.'