Unknown Analog
Transfer: CD > Goldwave > Speed Adjustment > WAV > NERO (In 2000)
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Notes - 2008: Long story short... it is unclear whether or not this source is from the Rockwood Festival or from Metropool. Meaning, there are indications, historically, that Tool was slated to perform at both places on the same day. There is a possibility that this is from the Festival (which would make sense as The Mighty Mighty Bosstones are not the best tour mates for Tool) ((i.e.: a quote from Tool in the recording)). I am 90% sure this is from the Rockwood Festival but cannot definitely say. There you go.
Notes - 2001: The speed on this recording, originally, is fast - just a little bit. I sped it down so it sounds normal, as compared to gigs from this era. There is tape hiss, I think there is too much treble & MJK's vocal's are in the background a bit. I've traded out a few "corrected copies" but really do not know how many are out there. CatalystX  has also remastered this show as, perhaps, others have to as well. The gig seems to me like it was transferred from a cassette & that the cassette was just a little too short in length so whoever copied the recording on that used high-speed dubbing. And that's what happened, someone then took that audio & transferred it to disc. I could be wrong but. it sort of makes sense in a way. All in all, this may be left for collector's... And, to top it all off, this is almost definitely an incomplete recording although I currently do not have a way to verify this information one way or the other.


"Since you happened to be in the neighborhood, we figured we'd show up and make some racket...hope you don't mind




"This song is called prison sex"

Prison Sex

"Eh Eh"


"Baaaaaaaaah, Baaaaaaaaah, Baaaaaaaaah... This song is about 2000 year Arabian folk tales and their effect on stupid people"


"This is our last song. You're a well behaved audience...next up is the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, a fine band. Don't go away"