Time: 44:27

01. Undertow
02. Sober
03. Opiate
04. Flood
05. Prison Sex
06. Jerk-Off
Dronten, The Netherlands - 08.29.93
07. Prison Sex
08. Bottom


Commercial Bootleg: "Tales From The Darkside"
Source: Kiss The Stone (KTS)
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Notes: Probably, one of the most wide-spread Tool recordings, Irwindale 08.06.93, on any bootleg. The most prevalent silver-disc to have been distributed of Tool: "Tales From The Darkside". This is, pretty much, the same bootleg as both "Sleep Forever". Both bootlegs are sourced from a FM radio broadcast for Westwood One which was also released as a live CD on Tool's Undertow release in Australia & New Zealand.. Soundboard in quality, this has been MP3'd more than really anything, I suppose. There are a few different titles for this source as well. Various repackages of the same product, over & over. And over. The last track is a cover of Paul McCartney's 'Silly Little Love Songs". It was a one-off project with MJK & a few other people called 'Love Jones'. All in all, something worth hearing. The version I have is not MP3, it is from the commercial silver disc. The silvers are actually rather rare as, from what I understand of the situation, there were only something like 40,000 of these pressed. The writing on the scan is both cheesy & prophetic, looking back on over a decade of Tool. Interesting.
Notes: Also, very odd, there is a cassette hum as the recording starts up. Am willing to bet that this was sourced from a cassette from a DAT.

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