Unknown Analog
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Notes: Although it may appear to be a little harsh, this recording is very interesting & worth experiencing. If anything, the treble is a bit too high but other than that aspect, this is a fine recording. Strong performance & the band seems like they are not only having something to prove but also that they are having fun doing it. The taper has some microphone problems - the microphones click a little & a bit of crowd noise is apparent but, all in all, a decent enough taping. There is a skip & microphone mess-up during Jerk-Off. Seems like the taper is walking around the venue - change in sound is slight. Sounds to me like the taper was using some decent mics and a DAT recorder at a slight distant position. Then, that audio was extracted to a cassette tape then to CD. That's my guess. The performance is very cool - anything where RATM & Tool collaborate is a treat. The set is short, maybe this is slightly incomplete as well. Not as in this copy but that the taper simply missed something somehow. As Tool walks off stage, he says 'bye'...the taper himself says "bye Maynard". Which is kind of funny. There is also a very high loss of sound during Jerk Off. The microphones are loose from the tapers machine. After the song ends, you can hear the clasping of a case -  a signal that the taper changed tapes.




Zack De La Rocha of Rage Against The Machine, spoken word on Bottom:
I've grown to know you, you are too entangled within myself.
                    And you held my h
ead straight to face shit,
                             so I twist with the wrist & try to tear you away
                         But you are not my eyes, and
I've got your genes
                              I got your skin
                                And I voice your screams

            Falling, falling in a dark room & I can't find the Bottom
                  I panic & mash my teeth & I flay
- I can't find the Bottom
                           Somewhere air, someway to tell me where they need to run the streets
                                   But yo
u are not my eyes and soon you will voice my screams

            I'm shameless now, I'm nameless n
ow, I'm no one now, I'm nothing now
                     But my soul must be iron, caus
e my fear is naked
                              I'm naked & fearless now & my fear is naked.
Dead inside, dead inside

Time: 42:37

'Keep it down out here, we are trying to make rock songs here. We have played a half already.'


'How are you doing? You look like you really fucking bored us here. What could that be about? Hey itís Adam.'

Cold & Ugly

'Ladies and gentlemen the drummer from Rage Against The Machine, Brad Wilkes, on..- on bass guitar. No, but seriously. This song's called Sober.'


Paul: 'A little rock & roll magic'

Swamp Song

Paul: 'Thank you very little.'
Maynard: 'Well there's a special guest here. From the best lounge band, The Love Johns! For me? Thanks!'


(w/ Zach De La Rocha)