Silver Disc "Bootleg" - Opium Den  = 1991 Demo Tape
Source: Unknown & incomplete recording of 08.07.93
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Notes: This is somewhat of a rip off of other bootlegs. Rather odd as there is nothing new on this not available from other bootlegs with the exception of an incomplete recording of the Unknown AUD recording of this performance. Makes you wonder...
This was a commercial bootleg known as "Opium Den" & was released as a silver disc in the middle 1990's. Actually, I cannot verify for certain that it was a silver disc, that is what I was told & received a copy from a silver disc. Never know for certain. As for overall quality, pretty good. It features the good cassette source demo's from 1991 & an incomplete recording from 08.07.93, left off for some reason. Really, there is not all that much to discuss. If you don't have this material elsewhere, you can get it in this package. Unfortunately, the copy I have is TAO so I would like a replacement, non MP3 sometime, if you happen to have a decent one. If not, I am more than fine with this. And, you would be too.




Time: 53:12

1991 Demos
01. Sober
02. Jerk-Off
03. Cold & Ugly
04. Part Of Me
05. Sweat
06. Crawl Away

Setlist for 08/07/1993:


Paul: 'A little rock & roll magic'

Swamp Song

Paul: 'Thank you very little.'
Maynard: 'Well there's a special guest here. From the best lounge band, The Love Johns! For me? Thanks!'


(w/ Zach De La Rocha)



Zack De LaRocha of Rage Against the Machine, spoken word on Bottom:
I've grown to know you, you are too entangled within myself.
                    And you held my head s
traight to face shit,
                         so I twist with the wrist &
try to tear you away
                         But you are not my eyes, and
I've got your genes
                              I got your skin
                                And I voice
your screams

Falling, falling in a dark room & I can't find the Bottom
                  I panic & mash my te
eth & I flay - I can't find the Bottom
                           Somewhere air,

 Someway to tell me where they need to run the streets
                                   But you are
not my eyes and
                                        soon you will voice my screams

I'm shameless now, I'm nameless now, I'm no one now,
                  I'm nothing
                     But my soul must be iron, cause my fear is naked
                              I'm naked
& fearless now & my fear is naked.
                                     Dead inside,
dead inside