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Notes: Wow. This is definitely one of the most interesting gigs I've heard, or at least the intro is very cool The first sound you hear is a church organ which is the intro to Tool's set and plays for maybe a minute. The taper is messing with his microphones a little as well, very cool. The sound is exceptionally clear; all instruments are pretty much balanced out nicely. There is a little bit of chatter between the taper & his Mancunian friend in-between songs as well- they make some comments on Maynard's tattoo & his haircut. Also, they do not like Tool nor Maynard's voice so that makes it all that much more interesting of a recording, for me at least. There seems to be two different versions of this show now. The common version was, in my opinion, transferred to cassette by the master & then the trader or someone else transferred it onto CD somewhere down the line. A tiny layer of fuzz gently coats this unknown Gen recording. However, the 1st Gen cassette > CD transfer has noticeable improvement in fidelity, crispness and vibrancy and is superior to the other version. Unfortunately, back in the day when traders used cassettes, source info was not as requested as it is these days so the specifics will remain unknown for the time being. At this point, I am not sure if it is worth it to trade out a 1st Gen of this seeing as how it would most likely just confuse things...

Maynardism: "Hi. We're Tool. We're a rave band from Manchester so prepare to dance."
Maynardism: "Something interesting about the other day, about the time I was fortunate enough to spend some time in my room alone with Morrissey. So, after about an hour of fucking his ass as hard as I could, he reached up between his legs & gently cupped my balls. Then I said, 'what the fuck is wrong with you - sensitive guy? What kind of poof do you think I am? Let go of my balls.'" <into Prison Sex>




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