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Notes: Along with the rather spooky intro to this gig is a powerhouse delivery by Tool. This is the same taper as 05.27.93 show as well, the sound is virtually the same (for both the ? Gen and the 1st Gen, respectively). Interesting, as this is Tool as an opening band. It just is a different type of experience. People are just chatting, talking about this & that over the songs every now & then, a bottle is thrown & sounds like it breaks on the floor. No one yelling 'Maynaaaard'. It would be very difficult to seriously find a problem with this recording, all things included (keeping in mind the technology and the fact that Tool had not really made a name for themselves at this point.. This is evidence as to how good a live band Tool are.
Notes: There is a new 2nd Gen rip of this show: ANA clone (cassette) > CD.  The overall sound is little bit brighter and crisper than the ? rip of this show. Like 05.27.93, I am not sure if it would be worth confusing things to put out a 1st Gen of this show as the ? Gen is still a good listen.

Maynardism: "Hi - we're Tool; we're from Akron, Ohio. We're a heavy rubber band - prepare to dance."




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<church-choir music; organs>
Swamp Song
Jerk Off